24 October - 22 November

With a great deal of planetary energy impacting your fifth house of love affairs could this mean a storm in the bedroom? It’s quite likely you’re interested in taking your intimate and sexual affairs to a new level especially if boredom has set in. You want something very different which also fulfils your needs not only on a physical level but a deeper emotional and spiritual level as well. Neptune and the South Node which relates to your past karma, transit through this sensitive area of your horoscope currently and over the next couple of days the transiting Moon will also cast its emotional vibrations on you bringing with it an intense and exciting set of new conditions for your love life.


23 November - 22 December

The law of attraction talks about sending out the right vibration to attract what you want in life but aggressive Mars in your second house of finance has you sending out militant vibrations which deflect financial and material breaks. As the Moon enters a favourable aspect with Mars over the next couple of days an opportunity arises to present a different side of your personality which will attract money. You may be feeling like a prisoner behind the steel bars of debt but getting angry about it isn’t going to improve your situation. Rather, think positively about how you can win over others with the cheque-book.


23 December - 20 January

If you have to present a topic to others either at work or in social circumstances, it’s better to not get to scientific, clinical or factual as people respond better to a heartfelt story which comes from your own personal experience. Don’t embellish what you have to present to others now as this is shown by Mars and Jupiter in the angles of your horoscope. Be truthful and understate what it is you are trying to share with others. This will also work wonders in your personal life especially if you’ve just started dating someone or made some new friendships. This is likely with Mercury and the Sun now just having entered the transit of your 11th house.


21 January - 19 February

Mercury now joins the Sun in your 10th house of profession and brings with it some stunning opportunities to make headway in your career. Don’t be afraid to take on board younger and more progressive ideas as this is what will keep you fresh and also in demand by your superiors. As the Moon transits your eighth house of research over the next day or so, coming up with some brilliant new ideas will not be wasted and will gain the admiration of those who haven’t thought much of you previously. This is definitely your month so now you should make your voice heard above the rest of the crowd.


20 February - 20 March

You’re looking for a new flavour in your life and now that you’ve come out of some challenges physically, possibly in your health, you could look further afield to those activities and people are going to afford you a bright new change in your life. The Moon enters the seventh house today and this means connections with strangers and people generally will fascinate you. With the lunar connection to the North node remote elements and new cultures, interaction with foreigners is likely and will stimulate your desire to learn more and possibly even travel. This is also underscored by the transits of Mercury and the Sun in your ninth house of foreign journeys.


21 March - 20 April

You are starting to realise that intellectual healthiness requires expansion of your mind rather than settling into a mental vacuum through boredom or worse still laziness. With the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in your ninth house of higher learning you’re interested now to expand your mental horizons and to prove that you are capable of learning and retaining information. Even if this is not a formal course of study, you’ll certainly be looking at ways to stimulate your mind now. You’re interested in connecting with others who also have similar intellectual interests at the moment this will cause you to seek out people with different views and interesting life stories.


21 April - 21 May

You’ll never develop originality if you jump on the bandwagon of the way everyone else thinks. Others may object to your line of thinking and make you feel that your strategy is somehow unacceptable. Try history that is the way humans work-by labelling rebels and forward thinkers is dirty or somehow lesser than them. With the Moon transiting into your sixth house and shortly combining with the North node, you may find yourself out of step with general consensus. It’s a delicate balance maintaining originality and at the same time not ruffling too many feathers in your workplace.


22 May - 21 June

Sometimes even if you’re correct, ranting away at someone is not exactly the best way to persuade them of your position or to beat them in an argument. This method of dispute simply sabotages your cause and makes you look less than convincing. You have the ability to quietly yet persuasively put forward your point today especially with favourable influences from Pluto and Uranus. Try not to be too progressive at what you’re putting forward however because people sometimes need to be spoon-fed until they can grasp the full implication of what it is that on offer.


22 June - 23 July

You could be feeling rather fragile especially financially but with the Moon moving out of your finance sector now you can win back a little confidence and put your best foot forward at work. There is no harm in asking a pay rise especially if you’ve been putting in extra hours and the quality of your work is seen to be above average. With the Moon moving through your third house of contracts and negotiations you can try renegotiating a deal at work much to your advantage. Later in the day you may find yourself travelling to some rather unusual destination.


24 July - 23 August

You have to be clever in governing your household at the moment because there may be a splintered approach to discipline and to managing your family generally. This requires precise but dominant communication and while you do have the upper hand with the powerful combination of Mercury and the Sun in your fourth house of family activities at the moment, you should take advantage of this shift of power in your favour. Use your creativity now as Neptune endorses what you believe in and gives you the chance to inspire those around you.


24 August - 23 September

Be careful what you wish for because sometimes dreams do turn into nightmares which can make life horrific and even hellish. Have you actually thought through what it is you desire? As the old saying goes “Be careful what you wish for”. You have respectable instincts right now but you need to bounce your desires off a close and trusted confidant who can help you refine your goals and lifelong objectives. With the Moon about to make contact with the North node, that point in your horoscope which relates to your destiny or life mission, it’s time to fine tune why you are actually here.


24 September - 23 October

You may be doing things bigger and better than everyone else right now while Jupiter continues to causes you to expand and prosper however this same planet is a double-edged sword making you excessive to say the least. Take drinking or partying for example. Over the coming weeks you may find your liver swimming in a concoction of delicious and intoxicating drinks but you must also consider the health ramifications as a result of Neptune now moving close to yourself nodal past karma point. What you’ve done in the past, both positive and not so positive, is coming back to visit you shortly.

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With a great deal of planetary energy impacting your fifth house of love affairs could this mean a storm in the bedroom? It’s quite likely...

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