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Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Grattan: Govt extremes on work for dole, detention

TWO characteristics of this government are that it regularly overreaches and that where possible it shies away from transparency and accountability.


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generalpublic - Australia

if the government was fair dinkum about helping the unemployed it would be increasing the dole and removing stamp duty from property, so people can follow work easier, rather than be highly taxed if they sell their property and purchase another in an...

Bill Hoffman


OPINION: Failure to listen costs LNP dearly

FORMER LNP Member for Stafford Dr Chris Davis, whose resignation sparked last weekend’s by-election, is a thoughtful, intelligent man of considerable integrity.


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bensy35 - Harristown

The only people this Newman government will only listen to is either his own, or the Nationals Party, not the nation-wide Australian people.

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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