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Images from the school bus fire at Chevallum

School bus fire shock: Owner fears it won't be last

THE owner of the school bus which burst into flames on Tuesday fears more buses could suffer the same fate because of stringent new regulations to cut emissions


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Muggins - Pacific Paradise

Emission parameters have increased the heat generated in the engine bay, is it possible there could be a design to upgrade the cooling system??. Reminds me of the 60's when youths upgraded their 4 cylinder cars to V8. No thought to upgrade the brakes...


Nancy Janson with her huge lemon.

Pee power: Why this lemon is a wee bit bigger

WHEN life gave Nancy Janson lemons, one grew to an unusually large size. And she has a pretty good idea why, given the tree's location near her husband's shed.


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Bullnt - Mackay

There was an old man at Winton who fertilised all of his fruit trees and vines with his own bodily waste. He had the best grapes and citrus and no pests as he also used his urine as an attractant and means to an end (in a bottle) for pest traps. ...

The assailant allegedly rammed the stolen vehicle into an unmarked police car in an attempt to escape arrest.

Man on midnight ram raid rampage

IF YOU thought a midnight feast was bad you haven’t heard of this midnight heist which left hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in its wake.


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