April 2015

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MINOR car accidents don't usually get a lot of attention in the media but when your car cost $120,000 it's going to attract attention.

Ouch! Man crashes uninsured luxury Lamborghini on Coast

"I recognised that it was a sinful glee "

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A SYDNEY woman has been described as a “hero” for challenging a train passenger allegedly abusing a Muslim woman who sat in the same carriage

VIDEO: Woman takes on racist targeting Muslim passenger

"I fully agree no_stoopid & killerjools There is no excuse - but I've seen folks make a whole range..."

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ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk is putting domestic violence on the national agenda, urging other state and territory leaders to take action at Friday's COAG meeting.

Premier urges fellow leaders to tackle domestic violence

"She's fighting an up hill battle asking Leaders who will regularly use similar stand over tactics to..."

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OUR city will not be divided is the message from community leaders united in a show of solidarity in the wake of a second arson attack on the Toowoomba mosque.

Mosque arson attacks 'will not divide Toowoomba'

"A disgraceful act designed to divide the community. I just hope that someone who knows these gutless..."

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TOOWOOMBA is home to perhaps the most unwanted employee in the world.

Is council worker world's most unwanted employee?

"Unfortunately this comedy of errors is not unique to TRC & I've seen a whole range of dirty tricks..."

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HEAVY snoring and sleep apnoea may be linked to memory loss and cognitive decline at an earlier age than normal, according to a new study.

Heavy snoring could cause memory loss, mental decline: study

"Some of the recent research suggests that obesity is a side effect of Sleep Apnoea not a symptom."

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ONCE a strong force in domestic politics, the bell has tolled for the Australian Democrats

Australian Democrats face the end after de-registration

"Unfortunately they lots credibility over the GST deal. "

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THE Duchess of Cambridge has been offered the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in London at a knock-down of 10 per cent to give birth to her second child.

Duchess gets 10% loyalty discount for using same hospital

"I think the hospital gets more than that in free advertising.."

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A COUNCILLOR involved in the approval of the new Bunnings warehouse in Toowoomba failed to declare he has shares in Wesfarmers, which owns the hardware giant.

Councillor fails to declare shares in Bunnings

"Agree with Girli, how many others do this?? Seems these 'honourable' folks think they are above..."

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