July 2016

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TOOWOOMBA voters will head to polling booths tomorrow to have their say in the federal election.

Who will you vote for? Electors have their say

"Been saying for ages - the larger parties are just as bad as each other. They can be accused of..."

June 2016

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The major parties have ignored many issues young voters hold dear in the most visible election yet.

Young Australia's issues missed in election campaign

"In my years of voting I've noticed two main things. Pollies seem to think Young people are not going..."

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CLIVE Palmer has left the door open to rehiring workers fired when his Townsville Queensland Nickel operation shut down.

Palmer's nickel refinery may not be safe to re-open

"Yeah I'm waiting for the promise that the reinstated workers get the same conditions as before they..."

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TURKISH officials say initial investigations point to Isis being behind a triple suicide bombing and gun attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport

ISIS blamed for airport suicide bombing that killed 41

"Yesterday they were claiming ISIS/Deash had already claimed responsibility."

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HIGH-RISE buildings could soon be climbing into the skyline of the Toowoomba CBD.

GOING UP: Council's plan for high rises in CBD

"I hope they've factored in the flood history of the area. Or is this going to be yet another of..."

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STAFF at a New Zealand recycling plant, where a many's body was found this week, have reported that body parts were in multiple bales of cardboard.

Mystery man's body found in 'bales' at recycling plant

"Tragically there's a largy body of puns that just do not seem appropriate for the story.."

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A LOWOOD man who bashed his middle-aged neighbour with a baseball bat after learning his sister had been sexting his son has been jailed.

Jail for brother after brutal bashing in teen sexting case

"Try this again, Some thugs will look for any excuse. Seems whoever was supervising his..."

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WITH candidate nominations now closed for the Toowoomba South by-election, the final list of contenders has been announced.

Six candidates announced for Toowoomba South by-election

"Not much of a choice, Bullies, Fundies & a few who's been on the receiving end of some disgusting mud..."

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A COLD snap is continuing across the Darling Downs as winter starts to bite.

'Wintergeddon' continues as Toowoomba freezes

"So it's cold. It's winter for Pete's sake. UNLESS this is about a change in extreme weather..."

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