October 2016

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THERE are two phrases which have enjoyed a popularity spike alongside the political careers of Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump.

Strange Politics: I'm not racist but...

"It's a cowardly (& tragically simple) ploy to spread poison about another group than to make the effort..."

September 2016

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THANKS to the help of Laidley police officer Senior Sergeant Jim McDonald, Batman (John Lynch, 77) was able to capture his arch nemesis the Joker (Cecil Granzien

Residents play dress up for calendar photo shoot

"Looks like a lot of fun Wonder if they do postal orders?"

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How can America ever vote for Donald Trump as president?

OPINION: God Save America from Trump

"For some strange reason ultraconservatives don't seem to notice, or mind, that the man flip flops on so..."

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TOOWOOMBA residents are disputing a poll that showed the Groom electorate would likely oppose same-sex marriage.

Residents vocal in support of gay marriage despite poll

"I have a serious problem with forcing people who'll not be affected by this decision having a vote..."

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WHEN the pain became too much to bear, Jules Hunter made the ultimate decision.

Why a beautiful woman decided to end her life

"As always when it's the individuals' personal choice I've no problem."

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Hinkler could be one of the few electorates to vote no to same-sex marriage.

This electorate might vote no on same-sex marriage

"Odd those figures are similar to the accusation made against those living in Groom.."

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IAN Macfarlane is set to receive a huge $500,000 boost to his income after being pulled from the golf course to the executive board of a mining lobby group.

Ian Macfarlane gets $500,000 boost to income

"What did Hockey say about double dipping.. Oh that's right he's currently double dipping over in the..."

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"I have regularly deactivated my Facebook account for as long as I can remember."

OPINION: Could you go two weeks without Facebook?

"Personally I'm getting sick of these "evil new technology" stories It's my personal opinion that..."

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A LIBERAL MP who charged the taxpayer for the cost of flights to his own wedding says the claim was made in error.

MP repays travel claim for flights to his own wedding

"Oh it's all OK cause it was found in a self-audit Yeah seems ligit Not. Wonder what else will..."

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