April 2015

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JOE Daly believes it’s time to start a conversation about youth suicide.

Talk with your children, says brave dad after son's suicide

"Still think that when looking at this tragic situation, people out to look at the motivations as to why..."

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A HARDWARE giant and small business owners are at war over a small yet vital section of Toowoomba’s main street.

Bunnings vs small business in war of Ruthven St

"When the choices is low prices Vs services & useful advice - sorry I'll do my best to support BMS Mitre..."

March 2015

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TOOWOOMBA is the first stop on the legendary Sir Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty, which airs tonight on Foxtel’s History channel.

Tour of Duty: Sir Tony unlocks city's military history

"The only time I regret not having pay TV"

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<strong>UPDATE: </strong>Toowoomba police have issued a stern warning to young people that waving about replica guns is a silly and dangerous thing to do.

Police issue warning over replica gun at school

"I'd very much like to know what were the events that lead up to a situation where the student thought..."

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QANTAS and Virgin Australia have reacted quickly to new regulations requiring airlines to have two crew members in the cockpit at all times.

Aussie Airlines’ cockpit changes following France crash

"They'll be looking for the cheapest option so they can tick a box & say they've done something.."

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A RELIGIOUS “roundtable” will be formed to establish how to best advance religious freedom in Australia.

Religious round table to examine Australia's faith freedom

"So... you claim people have a right to practice their own faith - but pass judgement on some religions..."

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<strong>COPLAND: </strong>I once heard a primary school child tell a friend that the true meaning of Easter was when “they” put the Easter Bunny on the Cross.

Easter: A time to stop looking for scapegoats

"I can understand the POV, Just I've noticed that religious scrapegoating is not restricted to the..."

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NATIONAL litter-busting organisation Keep Australia Beautiful has joined forces with four-wheel-drive enthusiasts ahead of the Easter holidays.

Outrage at littering in Queensland bush

"Yet another example of selfish people not giving a hoot who who's affected by their actions. If..."

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SADLY, most voters are not prepared to accept the tough medicine that is needed to get the country’s finances back on track.

Young must pay more tax to sustain the ageing

"It's all good & well to make pronouncements like that. However if businesses do not step up and..."

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