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"The proposed closure of any health facility in Queensland has nothing to do with the Federal..."

Commented on a story 6:24pm Jan 17th

"Well, well hardly surprising. This is not the first time that this particular "health" district has..."

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"People of Queensland, the government will make all the appropriate noises about how bad this is..."

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"The only people that Mr Newman should be sacking is the corporate sector of QHealth... he should then..."

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"high drama and naked skin r the 2 biggest revenue raisers.... its about shock tactic and money, fame..."

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"The powers that be don't realise the problems and/or deliberately ignore the problems...because they..."

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"As will the silence from the executive board of local hospitals... Queensland your taxpayers are being..."

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"deaths are always the responsibility of the Queensland Government, but they are divorced of being taken..."

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"Bev... hit the nail on the head, executives, councillors, MP's dont give a flying too hoots, so long as..."

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"Well... somethings are just not funny. To the radio station that believes a crime has not been..."

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