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Margarets Dog Coats & Accessories

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Margaret makes new pet clothing and accessories. These include Dog Coats, Dog Jackets, Dog Accessories, Blankets, Hats, Booties, PJ’s, Bandanas, Dresses and more. All clothing is made of new quality material. Coats have 3 layers consisting of Polo fleece next to the body, middle coast of polo fleece and outside pattern of your choice. Clothing is made of hard wearing material that can be sprayed with waterproofing spray to make it more durable and last longer. Pet beds are made of warm winter fabrics and light cool fabrics for summer. Margaret has strong hand made pet leads. Products ?Cat coats ?Dog Coats ?Pet PJ’s ?Pet Hats ?Pet Dress ?Pet Accessories ?Pet Bandanas ?Pet Blankets ?Pet Booties ?Pet Hats ?Dog Booties ?Dog Dresses ?Dog Pyjamas Services ?Hard Wearing Pet Clothing ?Pet Clothing Alternations ?Pet Clothing Repairs ?Pet Leads ?Quality Fleecy Line Pet Materials ?For pets of all sizes ?Quality Fleecy Line Pet Materials ?Made to Order Pet


Bundaberg South, Queensland, 4670, Australia