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My name is Jeff, I'm an employee of an online pharmacy. Specialization of our pharmacy - drugs to combat erectile dysfunction. We supply quality Generic Viagra, Edegra, Kamagra, Super P force, Generic Levitra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Tadalis, Lovegra and a whole range of medicines to combat weakening potency. Among the means for enhancing potency are the original drugs and their generics (analogs, copies). Both are produced by the same chemical formula, and, therefore, equally affect the body and provide the same result. The only difference between them is that originals are produced by companies that invented this drug and obtained a patent. The analogue is produced by any other pharmacological company that uses the ready-made formula and developed manufacturing technology, after the patent expires. Advertising, development, testing costs a lot of money. These sums and desired profit inventors put in the price. Therefore, its price is much higher than the cost of generics. Another very important difference of generics from the original drugs, which can also be called an advantage, is the convenience of buying. The patented medicine is impossible to get without prescription. Every time you decide to buy it, you have to start the purchase process from the doctor's office. This is the time spent. To find a pharmacy, where it is on sale, also needs time and effort. In addition, the violation of sexual functions is too intimate a topic to discuss it with all. And in the drugstore, where other buyers are with you, it is difficult to count on complete confidentiality. To buy analogues, you don’t need a prescription. It is enough just to turn on the computer, go to the online pharmacy website, get acquainted with the information and place an order. After that, it will remain to wait for delivery. Such a purchase will save you time, money, strength and save you from the unpleasant situation of the conversation "for all".


Newcastle East, New South Wales, 2300, Australia

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