Driver blames drugs for doing 104 in a 50 zone

A MAN has blamed his drug dependency for a two-month-long crime spree that included driving more than 50kmh above the speed limit and attacking his partner.

The 20-year-old man pleaded guilty in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday to 18 charges for crimes from December to January.

The charges included contravening a domestic violence order and two counts of possession of a dangerous drug.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Bushell said police first charged the defendant on December 8 after he was found with a cone piece and water pipe used for the smoking of cannabis.

The trouble escalated when the defendant did not attend the police station as ordered to.

"He said he simply forgot," Sgt Bushell said.

Police ran into him again when he was going 104kmh in a 50kmh zone in a defective vehicle and without a driver's licence.

"He said (to police) he was all worked up," Sgt Bushell said.

On January 10 he attacked his partner as she attempted to drive away. He pulled her out of the car and put her in a headlock.

He was charged again for drug possession, and also for failing to appear at the police station as required.

"Once again, he'd said he forgot to attend," Sgt Bushell said.

Defence solicitor Caroline Cavanagh said her client had a problem with drugs.

"It's the combination of the young man who is still very disorganised in his life, and that's compounded by his drug use," Ms Cavanagh said. "He's trying to get things organised."

Magistrate Barry Barrett said the offences, including domestic violence, "can't go unpunished".

He was banned from holding a licence for four years and three months, given a $2500 fine, put on a four-month suspended prison sentence, and had convictions recorded.

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