12 years jail for Coast meth and cannabis drug trafficker

A SUNSHINE COAST drug trafficker has been jailed for 12 years for supplying wholesale amounts of meth and cannabis.

It only took a jury about an hour to find Michael Allan Cornick, 61, guilty of a number of drug charges on Thursday but it took hours for a judge to decide how he should be sentenced.

Cornick faced Brisbane Supreme Court on more than 20 charges relating to trafficking, supplying and possessing drugs and possessing firearms.

He pleaded guilty to some, not guilty to others and the jury acquitted him of one.

The court heard Cornick was caught trafficking meth between 2009 and 2011 and was released on bail.

But he was caught the following year trafficking drugs again, this time cannabis as well as meth. Police also discovered he had expanded his business.

When handing down his sentence on Friday, Judge Martin Daubney said Cornick had more than 50 customers and associates in his second stint and had a "significantly-expanded customer base".

"Whilst the quantities trafficked may have been similar, I do note, however, a higher purity of methamphetamine and a higher price sought and obtained from that drug during this period of trafficking," Justice Daubney said.

When he was caught trafficking meth the first time, Justice Daubney said the product had a less than 10% purity level. But meth analysed from the second trafficking period showed purity levels of about 56.5%.

"That is considerably more pure than the substances you were providing during your first series of offending," the judge said.

"I regard overall your offending during this second period of trafficking to have been a substantial escalation on your part of your criminal activities."

While noting Cornick was not a drug addict, Justice Daubney said this was a "very serious" example of drug trafficking.

"It occurred over a long period, it was motivated solely for commercial gain, it was persistent to the point of being brazen, it occurred at wholesale level, it involved more than one type of drug and … it appears to me that you went about this illicit trade without any thought for the misery or human suffering you were inflicting on the community at large."

Cornick was sentenced to a total of 12 years jail and was also declared a serious offender.

He has been in jail since May 2012, which has been taken into account as time served. - APN NEWSDESK

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