HARD work, loyalty and family are notions that sum up the Rodgers name, according to patriarch John Rodgers.

For the past year, Mr Rodgers has spent hours behind the computer screen and talking to relatives to trace together the history of the Rodgers name.

He witnessed the success of his hard work in the form of a 200-year reunion at the weekend, where 150 family members met at the Maidenwell Hotel to share stories.

"The Rodgers name is very synonymous in the area and we have to be grateful for our forefathers," Mr Rodgers said.

"I think the Rodgers name signifies hard work, it's hard yakka - they knew what hard work was about.

"I think it goes back to the forefathers and what they've done, it goes back to my father and my mother and the life they gave us and our very close family."

The story of the family began with John Bernard Rodgers and Bridget Broderick who were both transported to Australia from Ireland in the early 1800s.

The pair was married in 1840 in Victoria and went on to grow legacy that is the Rodgers name.

Many of the family planted their roots around Warwick, Mt Mee, Allora, Esk, Cooyar and Nanango from 1904 to 1921 and at one stage a portion of the family lived and worked in the South Burnett.

Many of the Rodgers family were employed in the forestry industry and family members today are still involved in the South Burnett's timber industry.

"It's been a good roll-up and I enjoyed the challenge of it organising this, but if you asked me if we're going to do a family reunion for 225 years, the answer is no way," Mr Rodgers said.

His 14-year-old grandson hopes to continue the celebrations at the 250-year mark.

South Burnett

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