These three-letter girls names are short and sweet
These three-letter girls names are short and sweet FamVeld | Thinkstock

20 short and sweet baby names for girls

PIA. This gorgeous name is mostly found in Europe, so could be the perfect choice for a worldly bub. For a look into her future, think Pia Miranda, star of the iconic teen flick 'Looking for Alibrandi'. Not bad, huh?

MIA. Yes, we are well aware this is almost the same as Pia, but in reality it's very different. Mia is Italian for 'mine' … which we kind of think is the sweetest thing ever.

LOU. If you want a simpler version of Louise, look no further than Lou. Short and sweet, we love how this simple but feminine name just rolls off the tongue.

SKY. The sky's the limit for your little girl with this pretty moniker. A shorter version of 'Skye', this name has the unusual characteristic of having no vowels.

ZOE. One of the more popular names on this list, you don't have to be a baby name expert to see why. Meaning 'life' in Greek, this is the perfect match for a little girl who intends to live hers to the fullest.

ALI. If you like the name 'Alice' but want something a bit less traditional, Ali could be the name for you. Personally we like the way this name trips off the tongue, and think it would suit a cheeky personality.

RAY. A gorgeous name for your little ray of sunshine, Ray is short for the name Rachel, and can also be spelled Rae or Raye.

EVE. If you're a fan of traditional names, they don't go back much further than Eve. Meaning 'life' in Hebrew, this is a clever name for the first girl in a family of boys.

BEA. Cuuuuuute. Obviously an abbreviation of Beatrice, this is Latin for "bringer of gladness." And what is a daughter if not that?

IVY. This botanical moniker is perfect for those who love the idea of a 'name from nature' but don't want to opt for more popular choices like Rose or Daisy. Also. Drew Barrymore swinging on a tyre in the 90's. ICONIC.

LUX. Anyone who has read or seen 'The Virgin Suicides' will be familiar with Kirsten Dunst's amazing performance as the precocious teenager Lux. If that doesn't float your boat, you might like the idea that it's actually derived from the Spanish name Luz, meaning 'light'.

AMY. There's so much to love about the name Amy, including the fact it means 'loved' in Latin. You can jazz it up by spelling it Aimee or Aimie, but we like the three-lettered version best.

MAY. Come what May, we don't think this traditional moniker will ever go out of style. Believed to originate from 'Mary', May makes for a gorgeous first or middle name, regardless of your daughter's birth month.

AVA. Do you envisage your little one as petite and graceful? Ava could be the name for her, as it means 'like a bird' in Latin. Also, Ava Gardner. Need we say more?

KIT. OK, OK, so this is a somewhat unusual one. But has anyone else seen 'A League of Their Own?' If not - go forth now. Then you'll know why Kit is one of the coolest girls names around.

SIA. We might not know what the singer Sia looks like, but we know her name is gorgeous. We're also told it means 'victory', which is pretty awesome too.

VIV. Some people think the name 'Vivian' is a grandma's name, but we think 'Viv' is as cute as pie. Plus, you could call her Vivi as a nickname, which is so adorable we're practically dead.

BLU. This is another one a bit left of centre, but could be an option for lovers of the name 'Blue' who want a unique spin.

ADA. This one is German for 'noble' or 'nobility', and we like it as a nice alternative to the more popular Ava. Plus, you could call her 'Addie' for a nickname, which is also super cute.

MAX. We love a unisex name, and you can't go past Max for one of the best ones out there. And if Blake Lively can get away with calling her daughter James, why can't you opt for a little Max of your own?

This article originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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