SMELL: The nose knows best when it comes to good wine.
SMELL: The nose knows best when it comes to good wine. Kirsty Wigglesworth

5 things to know before your next wine tasting event

NOBODY wants to look out of place at a function when everyone else around them seems to know exactly what they are talking about.

A wine tasting event can be one of those occasions.

Being able to distinguish a quality Sauvignon Blanc from a less than satisfactory Sémillon is a skill very few have mastered.

But don't fret - knowing when to spit, smell or swirl isn't as challenging as it may seem.

Owner/operator of South Burnett vineyard Moffatdale Ridge, Jason Kinsella has provided five simple, effective tips to improve your wine tasting proficiency.

Jason's suggestions will make sure you can walk into your next wine tasting event with your glass held high.

This new-found knowledge means you'll be able to hold your own alongside the most avid connoisseur at your next wine tasting soiree.

The vineyard owner has learnt a thing or two about wine in his time.

Jason and wife Sue were one of the pioneers of the South Burnett wine region back in the 90s.

"We certainly weren't wine aficionados,” he said.

"I just had some real faith in the region for wine tourism.”

20-plus years on, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, we get to benefit from a lifetime of experience.

Here are the five things you need to know before you venture into the wonderful world of a wine tasting event.

1/ Look to the stars.

Hold up your glass to the light to check clarity.

Hold it against a white background to see the wine's hue or shade.

A lighter-coloured almost clear white wine will be younger, more acidic, and taste crisp and refreshing.

While a deeper, slightly golden colour suggests a little age and richer flavour.

2/ Swirl like you mean it.

Swirl your glass to move the wine around.

This will allow the wine to open up and expose it to more oxygen.

This will release its aromas and flavours.

3/ Follow your nose.

The vineyard owner said the nose often tells more than the tongue.

"Put your nose deep in the glass and take several deep sniffs,” he said.

4/ Here's cheers.

Take a sip, rolling the wine around in your mouth to taste the different notes of flavour.

Try and draw some air back through the wine.

Always take a second sip.

Look for well balanced wine and ripe fruit and avoid any bitter after taste.

5/ But most importantly.

The sole purpose of wine drinking is to bring happiness.

'My advice is to just forget the previous four points and just have fun,” Jason said.

Grape Escape.

Several South Burnett wineries have come together to host Queensland's newest wine and food event, The Grape Escape.

Held on Saturday, October 26, the Grape Escape will showcase an array of distinctive wines and produce from the South Burnett.

Bringing together wineries from the region together in the pretty village of Moffatdale, overlooking Lake Barambah.

Contact Vikki Stewart 0411 274 631 for more information.

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