$8.4b for state economy, but where’s the return?

THE resources sector operating out of Gladstone has contributed $8.4 billion to the state economy in 12 months - more than any other regional area in Queensland.

That constitutes 12% of the state's $37.7billion economy, and it is largely a result of the construction operations in the LNG industry on Curtis Island.

It didn't come as a surprise to Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd chief executive Glenn Churchill, who said for such a hefty contribution, the area should be seeing more return through the state's Royalties for Region program.

He questioned what "genuine pledges" the upcoming state election candidates were offering that could improve jobs, apprenticeships, traineeships and social infrastructure.

"This is a timely reminder as we lead into the state election that we should be hearing what tangible budget commitments are going to be coming back to us," he said.

"These candidates need to listen, need to learn and they need to deliver - and our region deserves it."

In 2013-14 the Gladstone electorate directly employed 3471 people full-time, paying those people $355 million in wages, as well as another 44,394 employees through flow-on work.

The figures are part of the Queensland Resources Council's annual analysis of Queensland minerals and energy company spending by state electorates, released yesterday.

The council's chief executive, Michael Roche, said without Gladstone the state-wide resources sector would not be as strong.

"Gladstone is the home of our gas export industry and an important part of the coal supply chain on top of the other activities, such as production of alumina and aluminium," he said.


The $8.4 billion GRP figure is made up of:

  • $6.2 billion (74%) from oil and gas
  • $1.3 billion (15%) contribution by coal
  • $850 million (10%) from metals, and
  • $24 million (>1%) from other resources.

Source: Queensland Resources Council

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