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Salvos support Carbon Tax repeal if it helps those in need

PENSIONERS, refugees and other people "falling through the gaps" will be able to put more meals on the table with any move to shift carbon tax savings to Queenslanders' pockets.

Salvation Army Queensland social programs director Major Rick Hoffmann said any relief on household budgets would make a difference to those people his organisation dealt with most.

He said a Salvation Army survey last year revealed many clients went without a main meal on a number of days during the week because they could not meet their budget.

"Lots of our folk are on the margins, some are right on the edge, so anything that can reduce the pressure on their budget will be very much welcomed," he said.

Premier Campbell Newman has directed government departments to find savings from the carbon tax abolition and then work out how to pass the money back to Queenslanders.

He said that could come via public transport costs, pensioner and seniors concessions and noted electricity price rises will be much lower as some tariffs came down - affecting both business and families.

"We're going to do everything we can to ease the cost-of-living pressures," he said on Monday.

"There's definitely tens of millions of dollars that are built into the cost basis of Queensland Government departments.

"What we directed the Treasury to do is on behalf of the whole of the government, go around, identify those savings, scoop them up and we will give cost-of-living relief.

"The main thing at this stage is to find out how much money is there - as I said, tens of millions of dollars - then find ways to appropriately give it back to Queenslanders in a way particularly that benefits those people who are the most vulnerable and needy at the current time."

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