How to walk the path to resilience at community seminar

PATHWAYS TO RESILIENCE: James Ryan has an intensive knowledge of neuroscience and will be leading the seminar.
PATHWAYS TO RESILIENCE: James Ryan has an intensive knowledge of neuroscience and will be leading the seminar. Rhiannon Tuffield

YOU can accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative parts of your life through the power of neuroscience at an upcoming community seminar.

The Pathways to Resilience (P2R) seminar at Kingaroy State High School, which is open to everyone in the community, will help people learn how to prevent anxiety and depression in young children and adolescents.

Anne Turnbull of the P2R Trust organisation said social and emotional learning was a vital part of life and well-being.

"Unless you've got good social and emotional skills, it's very hard to have good, positive skills," Ms Turnbull said. "If young people don't have good social and emotional skills they often can't self-regulate and will be bombarded with things in life they can't cope with."

Anxiety disorders are among the most prevalent psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents and, if left untreated, has the potential to disruptdevelopment.

P2R speaker James Ryan, who will lead the KSHS seminar, said humans had a predisposition to think negatively about themselves because of evolution.

"You remember negative feelings more easily, whereas positive thinking is a learned behaviour" he said.

"We all have the capacity to learn and create neuro pathways - once you think in a more positive way about something, those pathways get stronger - the brain prunes unwanted neuro pathways."

The P2R seminar on Monday at 6.30pm will be presented in terms that are easy for all ages and backgrounds to understand.

The presenter will give the audience strategies to work on in their own lives to produce better outcomes.

"When we talk to children and adolescents, we like to tell them what's happening in their brain in an understandable way," Ms Turnbull said.

To find out more, phone Kingaroy State High School on 4160 0666.

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