51 Jardine Drive, Erakala.
51 Jardine Drive, Erakala. contributed

A sought-after, prized area in Mackay

ERAKALA - an indigenous word meaning "flat" - was originally a railway station that was given this name in 1917.

Gardian Real Estate director and sales agent Ben Kerrisk said these days Erakala was a popular suburb where few properties came up for sale.

Six properties were sold in the last financial year with an average price of $746,000. Currently only six houses are for sale in Settlers Rise.

Mr Kerrisk said many people purchased, sold and bought again in the same area.

He said that over the past year, more than 50 per cent of the houses sold in Settlers Rise Estate had sold for more than $1 million.

The area was loved by families, he said, because the newer, larger homes were set on bigger, semi-rural blocks and often had commercial-sized sheds as well as pools.

"They are dream properties for people," he said.

"Mackay in general came back in price certainly during the last few years and Settlers Rise has stayed strong during the tough period.

"At the moment there are a limited number of blocks and once places do come up for sale they don't last too long and that will continue over the next couple of years."

Mr Kerrisk said the area, 15 minutes from the CBD and 7km from Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre, was a "sought-after, prized area in Mackay" that would continue to maintain its appeal and popularity over the next 12 months.

"Locals aren't the only people seeing Erakala as the place to be, with a southern group recently purchasing the remainder of the land to develop in the Settlers Rise Estate," he said.

"With a very limited number of vacant blocks for sale currently in the area, the development of this next stage will be a real boost to the suburb.

"Buyers will be lining up to grab one," he said.

He said bike and scooter pathways wound through the whole estate, allowing children to go from one park to the other or to a friend's house in a safe, family-friendly environment.

The area was designed to integrate parkland and open space with contemporary homes laid out to maximise their idyllic rural settings.

The soccer fields in Glenella on the way to Erakala are proving popular and are now in their second season.

The Magpies Sporting Club, also in Glenella, offers Aussie rules, cricket and rugby league, among other facilities.

The suburb is also close to Fairleigh and the Bruce Highway, making it ideal for journeys or getaways to the Whitsundays region.

Sugarshed Rd provides access to West Mackay and Mackay Base Hospital, Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens and the Mackay Community Gardens.

There's a choice of schools and childcare centres in the surrounding northern Mackay region.

The schools include Mackay North State primary and high schools, Farleigh State School, Northview State School, Glenella State School, Holy Spirit College and Emmanuel Catholic Primary School.

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