RECIPE: gourmet sausage a hit with the dads

WE HAVE a very busy month ahead of us attending many food festivals around Queensland and northern New South Wales, including Maleny, Rockhampton and Tin Can Bay.

This weekend you'll find us at Bangalow for Sample Festival.

It is also Dan's very first Father's Day and let's just say we have a few little surprises up our sleeves. To celebrate we have included a smashing gourmet sausage dish that all dads would enjoy for lunch tomorrow.

The showstopper

Serves 6


6 baguettes / bread rolls  

1 cup of quality cheddar cheese, grated


Italian pork sausage (or use pre-made Italian sausages)

 2kg of pork shoulder, partially frozen  

 500g pork fat, partially frozen  

 300g of breadcrumbs  

 3 tbs of cracked fennel seeds  

 2 tbs of salt  

 1 tbs of coarse milled black pepper  

 Hog casings


Kimchi (or use a jar of store-bought kimchi)

 4.8L warm water  

 1 cup of salt, plus extra  

 2 medium wombok cabbages, sliced thin  

 1 bunch of radish, julienned  

 6 carrots, julienned  

 12 minced garlic cloves  

 2 tbs of grated ginger  

 4 red bird's-eye chillies, chopped fine  

 2 medium wombok cabbages, cut into quarters  

 2 cups of Korean chilli flakes  

 1 bunch of shallots, minced.


Wasabi aioli (or add wasabi to already made mayo)

 3 egg yolks  

 2 tbs of white wine vinegar  

 200ml grape seed oil  

 Salt and white pepper to taste  

 1-2 tbs of wasabi paste


Sausages - Cut pork shoulder and pork fat into small enough sizes to push through a mincer. Pass the pork fat through a 5mm mincer blade, then the pork shoulder through a 10mm mincer blade. Combine both fat and meat and pass through the 10mm blade together. Place into a mixer with a dough hook. Add the remaining sausage ingredients and seasonings to this mixture. Mix on low speed to get a homogeneous mixture, do not allow the fat to melt though as this will stiffen the mixture.

Using the sausage filling nozzle, pass the mixture through and fill the casings. This operation is to be done slowly and steady to avoid air pockets in your sausage. If there are air pockets, prick with a toothpick and then smooth the sausage all over for a smooth surface. Twist off into links 10-12cm long - allow to sit and cool back in the fridge until needed for cooking. Heat the grill in the oven on high, place sausages on a rack and allow to grill, turning regularly until cooked through and crispy - do not prick the sausages and let the juices out.

Kimchi - Prepare a large tub. Cut the cabbages into quarters, leaving the centre in. Wash well. Mix the warm water with the salt in your large tub until dissolved, to make a brine. Plunge each cabbage quarter in and transfer to a large bowl. Sprinkle extra salt between each layer of leaves and then place back into the brine. Soak for 3-6 hours, depending on the thickness of the cabbage. Once the cabbage has become limp and slightly translucent, wash and squeeze out the liquid. Add remaining kimchi ingredients together in a large bowl, coating well with all the spices - add the cabbage and coat well. Place the ingredients into an airtight glass jar, and ferment at room temperature for six hours in the summer and 12 hours in the winter. After this time cover the cabbage with water - this will prevent bad bacteria growing. This will keep for 6-12 months. But is ready to consume after this fermentation.

Wasabi aioli - Whisk egg yolks and white wine vinegar together until mixture becomes pale in colour. In a slow steady stream, add the grape seed oil while whisking continuously. Whisk until mixture becomes thick and creamy. Check taste and season with salt and pepper. Then stir through the wasabi to your taste, add more or less to suit.

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