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Abusive dad 'didn’t give a s***' as his daughter died

*Warning: Distressing content*

WHILE her father slept Kyhesha-Lee Joughin was locked in her room all day, tied with rope.

While her father slept all day she was forced to defecate and urinate in her room as she couldn't get out.

While her father slept she suffered in excruciating pain unable to get out with no one to cuddle her or comfort her. She would throw her faeces around her room. Confused. Alone.

But when he woke - some days after leaving her there for 19 hour stretches - he would see the mess and, according to witness claims, allegedly beat her.

"He'd smack her and slap her."

A court has heard that when her father saw her dying on the couch, lips blue, with another man attempting to give her CPR he didn't act, instead preferring to get himself a smoke and a coffee.

"He didn't give a sh*t," is what the witness said.

He just wanted a coffee and a cigarette and so, this little girl, just three-years-old died, a death so painful and tragic its difficult to grasp.

Matthew Lee Williamson has denied being responsible for her injuries

The father of Kyhesha-Lee, Matthew Lee Williamson is before Brisbane District Court being sentenced over the death of the three-year-old who died in March 2013 after suffering protracted physical and sexual abuse. He has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denies causing the little girl's injuries or sexual abuse.

Matthew Lee Williamson, pictured, denies causing the injuries but Kent has told the court he witnessed the regular physical abuse of the three-year-old. Source: News Corp
Matthew Lee Williamson, pictured, denies causing the injuries but Kent has told the court he witnessed the regular physical abuse of the three-year-old. Source: News Corp

Yesterday the court heard evidence from Williamson's former housemate, Christopher Kent, who has  also pleaded guilty to Khyesha's manslaughter.

Kent told of how Kyhesha-Lee was locked in her bedroom for many hours at a time, tied in with a rope. Of how while locked in her room, she threw faeces at the wall.

He then spoke of how her father would react when he woke up during the day from yet another sleep.

"He'd smack her and slap her," Kent said.

"It was like two adults fighting, it was just mean and horrible, it was nasty."

He tried to wake up Williamson but he didn't care

Kent told of how when Khyesha was injured and sick, her lips turned blue, he tried to wake Williamson, who was sleeping on a nearby couch, to help.

"He didn't give a s***," Kent said.

"He just wanted his coffee and smoke."

The court had previously heard that the toddler had a treatable internal injury in her bowel which could have been caused by a fist, foot or an adult falling on her and that her father has been warned about it by a visitor to his home who said the little girl needed medical attention.

But no one sought help.

The court was told that she had "suffered deliberate and protracted physical and sexual assault in the week leading up to her death."

Crown Prosecutor Carson Lloyd said the stomach injury was one of many. The little girl also had bruising on her face, lacerations on her ear as if she had been pulled, an injury to her temple, and cuts to her lip from possible blows.

The 3-year-old died from horrific injuries

Williamson denies causing the injuries but Kent has told the court he witnessed regular physical abuse while living with the father and daughter.

The Courier Mail reports that Kent has previously been convicted of sexual assault and has a criminal record dating back to 1989. But he has denied ever abusing Khyesha. He told the court he is currently in jail for driving while disqualified but is worried fellow inmates will find out he's giving evidence.

"I'm here helping the Crown," he said.

"I've got to think of my own safety."

Williamson's sentence hearing continues.

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