Alcoholic drove through school zone six times over limit

A CHRONIC alcoholic, who habitually drank up to six litres of wine a day, drove through a Hervey Bay school zone while more than six times over the legal limit.

When he woke up in hospital hours later, he could not remember any of it.

Bradley Edward Hawkes measured a reading of .302 after a half-hour of wild, reckless driving which only ended when he crashed into the back of a car, Hervey Bay Magistrates Court has heard.

The 56-year-old former musician from Pialba has been jailed for dangerous driving, after he put the lives of many at risk.

During the out-of-control run on October 30 last year, Hawkes drove through prominent Hervey Bay roads, including Main St and Boat Harbour Dr from 3.30pm.

He mounted gutters, ran over a give-way sign and damaged a number of stationary vehicles.

At one point he drove into a parked car, ramming it into another car.

Hawkes only stopped when his car was no longer drivable, due to damage caused from crashing into a car waiting at a traffic light.

The woman in the other car suffered a head injury, and her car too was destroyed.

Defence lawyer Trinity McGarvie said when Hawkes woke up in a hospital on the same day as the incident, he had no recollection of what happened.

"He had to ask why he was there," Ms McGarvie said.

"He instructs he does not attempt to drive ever again."

Hawkes' reading on that day would have put an average person into a coma, but it was a norm for Hawkes, who developed a bad drinking habit after his wife died in 2012.

The once promising musician - who has released an album - was himself involved in a serious car accident almost three decades ago in which he suffered a broken back, a fractured skull and almost lost his left arm.

He was sentenced to 15-months' jail, to be released on parole May 14.

Hawkes was also disqualified from driving for two years

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