Steven Taylor and Katy Coffey.
Steven Taylor and Katy Coffey.

Star’s stunning sex scandal excuse

A-LEAGUE star Steven Taylor has hit back at the "fame hungry" women who have branded him a love rat.

The former English Premier League defender spoke out after he was accused of dating up to three models at the same time after moving to the other side of the world to play.

But Taylor insists he is a just a "single lad" having a good time while playing for New Zealand side Wellington Phoenix.

"They've got no life, I just can't believe it. They're just trying to get some fame. Why don't they go on Big Brother or something," he told Daily Mail Australia.

"They're trying to make something of nothing. It's just embarrassing for them. They've got no life. I'm really enjoying it out here.

"If I was a married man I'd be holding my hands up - but I'm not. Is it a bad thing?"

The defender also claimed the women went public with their stories after he had blocked them on Instagram.

"What part of 'I don't want to see you' do they not understand?" he added. "I'm an amazing player and I'm just enjoying life. It's going back two years."

The Sun revealed last Sunday the ex-Newcastle United player had dated Diana Adomaitis, 22, for over six months but was seeing an Australian model behind her back.

The Daily Mail posted text conversations between Taylor and Adomaitis where they discussed meeting each other's family and living together.

Then a third woman, model and singer-songwriter Katy Coffey, 33, said she was also seeing the love rat, who played for the Geordie club for 13 years.

Katy said of the ex-Premier League star: "I can't believe it. He told me he wanted us to get married and spend our lives together.

"I honestly believe he has something wrong with him. People don't treat others that way.

"He thinks just because he's a footballer he can treat people like dirt.

"To call us the same pet names is sick. He couldn't even be bothered to be original."

Taylor, 32, hit trouble when the unnamed Aussie, 35, saw photos of Diana at his seaside flat in Wellington, New Zealand, where he now plays.

Just before Christmas, she sent Diana a message breaking the news about her "piece of s*** boyfriend".

After The Sun reported the story, Katy, of Manchester, also contacted Diana to say he was seeing her at the same time.

In September, he messaged Katy saying: "Morning long pins, what you doing today?"

Just two days before, he had told Diana: "Thinking of you long pins. U have me smitten like a kitten over u."

And in November he also messaged the Aussie saying: "Morning long pins."

Katy dated him for over two years and on Monday, she contacted Diana, of Wilmslow, Cheshire, saying: "I was very much like you. I thought he was the one."

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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