FOOTBALL: The Wests' 2-1 win over their cross-town rivals Gunners in the second division semi-final assured they would stand a good chance against Barambah in the preliminary final at the weekend.

Wests' coach Trevor Litzow said the first 20 minutes of the game were a show of excellence which was when right winger Ryan Jacobs bagged his two goals of the game.

"The first 20 minutes was like watching the EPL (English Premier League)," he said.

"They showed me some lessons today.

"Ryan Jacobs was on fire today, as good as I've seen all season."

While Jacobs was a stand out, Litzow said the Wests worked hard together to keep out the Gunners as they pressed in the second half.

"We just concentrated on parking the bus, they (Gunners) sort of forced us to do it," he said.

"We certainly tried to keep them off the ball in the final 10 minutes.

"(The Gunners) came out in the second half and really pressed us."

Despite the Wests' best defensive efforts they could not keep Anthony Clifford from finding the back of the net.

But by that time it was too late and the Gunners were knocked out of the second division competition.

On Saturday Wests will play Nanango, which claimed a 2-0 win over Barambah.

Litzow said the Wests looked forward to meeting Barambah in the preliminary final and felt confident they would bag the result to make it through to the grand final.

Wests knock out Kingaroy rivals

CONTENT with a 2-0 win over the Gunnettes, Wests' women's coach Michelle Hunter said the score could have been much higher if their Kingaroy rivals did not possess the "best goal keeper in the South Burnett".

Rahab Murray knocked away plenty of Wests' chances to keep the score down to a respectable number.

"There were lots of chances, Rahab stopped about 20," Hunter said.

Hunter said the Wests were able to get the valuable result to qualify for the preliminary finals through simple team work.

"Our girls played well and played well as a team," she said.

Up against Barambah on Saturday, Hunter said it would be crucial for the Wests to continue their team work and keep passes simple to get the result and progress through to the grand final.

"We need to play as a team, get our passes to feet and we'll have a good chance (against Barambah)," she said.

Hunter said the Wests had shown good form in the build up to the finals so shared an air of confidence with her squad.

"In the last four training sessions we've really put it together," she said.

Nanango women scrape a tight win

FULL-TIME failed to separate the top two women's teams but Nanango coach Alan Downie was not worried.

Downie had full faith his team would be able to work for the result against Barambah.

In the 90 minutes of normal time Nanango had the most chances but failed to convert them, which drew the game out to extra-time after neither team could break the 0-0 dead lock.

The undefeated Nanango maintained its season record however after Glennda Thompson tapped the ball into the back of the net towards the end of the first half of extra-time.

"We'll take 'em all like that," Downie said.

It may not have been a pretty way to get the result but a win was a win for Downie and he was confident his women's squad would be able to reclaim the title in the grand final.

Downie said Barambah tested his side but felt there was little to improve on in the next week.

"We've just got to stick to the team play because we can't teach them anything new at this stage of the season," he said.

Downie hedged his bets on Barambah making it through to the grand final after Saturday's preliminary final but said Wests "always had an ace up their sleeve".

Win not convincing in final build-up

IT WAS more luck than skill which had Nanango bag a 2-0 win over Barambah and earn a spot in the second division grand final.

This was a little concerning for Nanango coach Lauren Mangan who said the second division minor champions were put under constant pressure by Barambah.

"Barambah were unlucky, they peppered our goal (with shots)," Mangan said.

She said Nanango would have to take a big step up in the grand final if it was to stand a chance of winning the tile instead of just relying on luck.

"For division two it's always about keeping possession," Mangan said.

While Mangan noticed a slight improvement in Nanango's capacity to hold on to the ball it was not enough to convince her Saturday's performance was a winning one.

"They were lucky," she said.

"We only had three chances and we got two but that's football."

One of the highlights was a free kick from about the halfway line which Nanango's Ty Flevill tucked into the back of the net.

This was complemented by another by Nick Frohloff.

Mangan credited her defensive line and goal keeper Trevor Adams in stopping Barambah from scoring after being under near constant pressure all game.

Mangan said Nanango would have to focus on possession and composure on the ball when the side faced the winner of the Wests v Barambah preliminary final in the grand final.

The preliminary finals will be played at Nanango on Saturday. Div 2 and women start at 1pm and Div 1 at 3pm.

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