The butcher turned to using ice to be more productive.
The butcher turned to using ice to be more productive. Radspunk

Ambitious butcher turned to ice to keep up with workload

A BUTCHER who turned to drugs to keep up with his big career ambitions could lose his driver's licence for up to eight years.

Defence lawyer Alan Korobacz said Daniel Malone had started using methamphetamine to increase his workload.

"He has ambition, a lot of energy, and he tries to take on too many things at once," Mr Korobacz said.

The 32-year-old man committed serious offences while he was using methamphetamine.

"He got off the rails, he was using ice, and then his brain stopped functioning as it does normally," Mr Korobacz said.

Malone pleaded guilty to 26 charges in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on June 14.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the father of two young children had been wasting his enormous potential.

"Ice will just deprive your children of a father if you fall into its grips again," she said.

"It seems you want to achieve too much too quickly, and you think ice may help you."

The court heard the man planned to become the owner of a property where he would raise cattle to sell his own cuts of meat.

Mr Korobacz said the man was a very hard worker who had spent 16 years in the butcher trade, was self-employed with a mobile butchery, and had qualifications from an agricultural college.

Ms Pink said the 14-page schedule of facts showed Malone's behaviour was dangerous at times.

"You were driving on the incorrect side of the road and overtaking on the blind corner," she said.

The defendant faced an evading police charge from August 13, as well as a failure to stop charge.

Some of the more serious charges were multiple counts of disqualified driving.

"The vehicle and boat that was being towed was driven off the highway through fields before coming to a stop, and then the boat is being unhitched and the vehicle is being driven before crashing into some bushes," Ms Pink said.

"You've shown complete disregard for that disqualified driving court order."

Malone was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment for the disqualified driving on October 20 and November 15.

The defendant was also sentenced to one month's imprisonment for another disqualified driving charge, and three months for a fourth disqualified driving charge.

He was sentenced to 50 days' imprisonment for failing to stop.

Malone was sentenced to 14 days' imprisonment for a stealing charge on October 15 to 18, possessing property for drug offences, possessing a knife, and a charge of possessing suspected stolen property.

Due to the gravity of the offending and head sentence, the man was convicted but not further punished for the remaining charges.

The man was released on parole on Friday due to the pre-sentence custody of 128 and 145 days recognised as time already served.

Malone's licence was disqualified by the court for two years for three disqualified driving charges, and another two years for the failure to stop.

Ms Pink advised the defendant to check with Queensland Transport to see if the disqualifications were accumulative.

"It will not be until a period of at least two years, in fact I believe that you've lost your licence today for a period of eight years. I think each of the disqualified drives is accumulative," she said.

The court ordered the forfeiture of the seized items including a baton, restricted drugs, ammunition in the form of explosives, syringes, knives and suspected stolen property.

All convictions were recorded.

South Burnett

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