No registration: Call for cyclist ban on highways

CYCLISTS are in the crosshairs of some angry motorists who blame them for causing crashes on highways.

Now there are calls for them to be banned from highways and to be registered like vehicles.

The Chronicle reported yesterday that Don Wallis was riding his motorcycle on a country road near Grantham when a  motorist overtook a group of cyclists.

A collision nearly ensued.

The close call was captured on video.
The close call was captured on video.

Following that, some readers called for a ban to be imposed on cyclists riding on highways.

Kylie Ann Wells often drives near Goombungee and said she'd had run-ins with cyclists near blind corners.

"I have had a few close calls coming around blind corners at 100kmh and there are cyclists on bikes riding side by side."

She called for cyclists to pay registration.

"Cars pay registration and insurance each year to drive on the road but cyclists pay nothing and have more right then cars.

" Putting push bikes on the road with cars and trucks was a stupid idea."

Brett Tigges agreed.

"Cyclists should only be riding in the bike lanes or foot paths and on bike tracks. Not highways or roads without bike lanes or foot paths for their own safety and safety of others."

Pete Aiken said: "When are these unregistered and uninsured road hazards going to stop being nuisances?

"They don't belong on the road."

But the opinion wasn't unanimous with Mitch Thompson defending his bike-riding friends.

He said: "Australia is one of the most obese nations in the world.

"You're really going have a go at people who are out trying to better themselves because you might have to wait a few seconds to pass them? Shame."


Should cyclists pay registration?

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Passing bicycle riders

The Department of Transport and Main Roads states motorists must stay wider of bicycle riders by giving a minimum of:

  • 1m when passing a bicycle rider in a 60kmh or less speed zone
  • 1.5m where the speed limit is over 60kmh.

Crossing white lines

To pass a bicycle rider-as long as it is safe to do so-you are allowed to:

  • Drive over centre lines (including double unbroken centre lines) on a two-way road
  • Straddle or cross a lane line (including a continuous lane line) on a multi-lane road
  • Drive on a painted island.

If it is not safe to pass a bicycle rider, you must wait until it is safe to pass.

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