STUCK IN THE MUD: Venus Rabbit used a traditional indigenous style to represent a bogged car.
STUCK IN THE MUD: Venus Rabbit used a traditional indigenous style to represent a bogged car. Michael Nolan

Artists re-VAMP Murgon business

PAINTERS from the Visual Arts Mentorship Program are hosting monthly exhibitions in the Murgon shop and with each exhibition, the business owner decides a theme.

The crew kicked off their first show at the Burnett Tyre Service in Lamb St, with the store's owner Paul Halse electing the theme of roadside breakdowns.

Lee Porter started VAMP following local demand.

"I got approached by some artists who wanted a mentor of some kind to help develop their artistic practice,” she said.

"I was going back to university to do my masters and PHD and I thought, right, I'll combine the two.”

Ms Porter had a keen interest in the Cherbourg art community and noticed they struggled to get their work out to a wide audience.

"I wanted to get behind the reasons why, so the course has been going just over a month, it's all voluntary, we meet once a week on a Wednesday,” she said.

"We got the Murgon business association involved and asked them if they could hold a monthly exhibition and choose a theme to challenge the artists.”

The group included both indigenous and non-indigenous artists.

"The indigenous people are exposed to the western style of art and our non-indigenous artists are exposed to the traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art,” Ms Porter said.

"It's becoming a really fantastic hot bed of discussion and reconciliation.”

Ms Porter said the theme really threw a spanner in the works for the indigenous artists.

"How do you interpret a roadside breakdown using dot art?”

The exhibition will remain at Burnett Tyre Service until the end of this month.

The group meets at Cherbourg's Ration Shed and to join or for more information call 0477175540.

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