Police warn parents after attempted abduction in Chinchilla

ONE of Toowoomba's top police officers has warned parents to be vigilant after an attempted child abduction.

Chinchilla mother-of-two Samara Laverty quizzed her daughters, aged nine and 10, after they alerted her to a frightening situation.

Over a number of retellings, the girls' stories remained the same prompting Ms Laverty to believe her daughters, knowing sometimes children interpret things incorrectly.

So convinced of the situation was Ms Laverty that she reported the incident to Chinchilla police who have ramped up patrols around the school during drop-off and pick-up times.

Chinchilla Officer-in-Charge Sergeant Gerard Brady said police had taken the situation seriously and had investigated, but warned a level-headed response was needed.

That sentiment was echoed by Darling Downs Detective Inspector Dave Isherwood who said it was vital children understood stranger danger and parents remained vigilant.

He said while reports of child abductions were rare on the Darling Downs, parents should take steps to ensure their children knew not to approach or talk to strangers.

"People have got to be aware of the importance of knowing where their children are," Det. Insp. Isherwood said.

"Some of those smaller country places haven't moved with the times with regards to predators and they need to be aware that just because they live in a small country town they are not exempt from predatory behaviour.

"Parents need to be aware that this is a possibility and ensure their kids are trained not to get into strangers' cars or talk to strangers."

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