Espen Hjalmby on Australian Ninja Warrior.
Espen Hjalmby on Australian Ninja Warrior.

Contestant conceived baby on Ninja Island

ONE of this season's Ninja Warrior contestants has revealed that he got his partner pregnant on Ninja Island.

Espen Hjalmby aka the Viking Warrior told that his partner, Rebecca Markham, joined him on the set of Australian Ninja Warrior when it was filmed on Cockatoo Island in December last year.

Because the show is filmed at night, contestants often have to stay overnight on the island after they've run the course.

"I got in and did the first heat and then we went back for the semi-finals and she stayed overnight," Hjalmby said. "I basically snuck her into my tent."

The chiropractor and yoga instructor said he was surprised he had enough energy after tackling the gruelling obstacle course.

"We train pretty hard for it so I was in pretty good shape," he said.

"I even told her after making love that night, 'I think we just made a baby.' Then I had a good night's sleep."

The couple had only been dating for five months at the time after meeting at a restaurant in Coolangatta.

"We were introduced through mutual friends and as crazy as it sounds, it was literally love at first sight," Hjalmby told

"I asked her that same night if she wanted to have my babies. I have to say I've never asked anyone that question before, it's not a pick up line!"

It wasn't until they were holidaying through Europe that Hjalmby and his partner found out she was expecting.

"I actually found out on my birthday when we were in Amsterdam," Hjalmby said.

"So many things were changing and I was like, 'You need to do a pregnancy test, something's going on here.' She came back and was like, 'oh my god!'"

The baby is due in five weeks and Hjalmby said his partner has already picked out an ancient Viking name.

"I've said to Rebecca now that since I gave her a baby she can give me a ring," Hjalmby said when asked about wedding plans.

"I'm trying to get her propose the other way around but it's not easy, I think she wants it the traditional way."

Hjalmby made it to the semi-finals on Ninja Warrior this season and has vowed to go even further next year.

"If they let me in I'll be back every year until I get to the top of Mt Midoriyama," he said.

The Australian Ninja Warrior grand final will air tonight on Channel 9 at 7.30pm.


Espen on Australian Ninja Warrior.
Espen on Australian Ninja Warrior.

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