Avengers star Robert Downey Jr walks out of awkward chat

Robert Downey JR
Robert Downey JR

After his famously combative chat with Quentin Tarantino, which the director walked out of, and brilliantly awkward encounter with Richard Ayoade, the Channel 4 News presenter has conducted a must-see interview with Robert Downey Jr.

The pair were having a pleasant, if slightly dull, chat about the Iron Man actor's new film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Then Guru Murthy made the mistake of asking Downey Jr. about his time in prison about whether it made him a liberal.

Which led to this look:


Things actually managed to get worse from there.

We've produced a transcript.

KGM: You're doing a promotional round of interviews and that's why you're talking about the movie but we also would like to talk a little bit about you. I don't know how comfortable you are talking about yourself at the moment.

RDJ: You have as much time as anyone else will.

KGM: Well then, let me just ask you a few more questions and you can answer them if you want to and not if you don't want to.

RDJ: Your foot's starting to jump a little bit, you better get to your next question.

KGM: [pauses] The reason I'm asking you about your past is you've talked in other interviews about your relationship with your father and the role in all of that of the dark periods you went through, taking drugs and drinking and all of that. I just wondered whether you think you're free of all of that or whether that's something..

RDJ: [Interrupts] I'm sorry, I really don't. What are we doing?

KGM: I'm just asking questions, that's all.

RDJ: Right. Bye [gets up]


Watch the full thing below:


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