PREMIER Mike Baird's spectacular backflip on banning greyhound racing is just a ruse to condemn the industry to "death by over-regulation", according to one NSW politician.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers upper house MP Robert Borsak claimed the about-face - expected to be announced when parliament resumes today - was nothing but canny political manoeuvring.

"This so-called reversal of the greyhound racing ban is solely aimed at softening the blow of the Orange by-election and two flagged leadership spills, while ensuring the industry dies a slow death by over-regulation," Mr Borsak said.

"Closing some tracks, capping greyhound breeding to 2000, and forcing bonds for greyhounds bred will slowly kill the greyhound racing industry - especially if funding fairness is not restored.

"Over $35 million is robbed from greyhound racing annually to fund other racing codes, so any attempt at ensuring profitability and financial viability has a hole in its heart from the outset."

Mr Borsak said his party would move amendments seeking a full reversal of the ban, along with giving the industry power to govern itself.

"Any moves to reverse a ban will be for nothing unless the industry has self-governance, revenue and taxation sharing arrangements are made fairer, compensation for transfers of revenue is made, and no tracks are forced to close," Mr Borsak said.

The expected backflip comes after a Sydney greyhound trainer was charged with animal cruelty relating to live baiting on Monday.

The Cabramatta man was refused bail and is due to face court today.

Do you support the NSW Govt decision to backflip on its greyhound ban?

This poll ended on 19 October 2016.

Current Results

Yes. Mike Baird was wrong to impose a ban in the first place.


Yes. I don't support greyhound racing but a blanket ban is not the answer and would ruin lives.


No. This is party politics at its best. Grow a spine Mike Baird!


No. This is a sad day for animals all over the world.


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