Voters yet to receive ballot for local government elections

SOME voters across the North Burnett have yet to receive their ballot paper in the mail for the upcoming council election.

For anyone who hasn't received their papers yet, returning officer Wayne Gormely has the answer on what to do.

"If you haven't received your papers yet there is a form available at all council offices to apply for fresh ballots," Mr Gormley said.

"I then get an email and issue them on the same day and have them sent out in the mail."

If you haven't received your ballots move quickly as they still need to be returned by March 19.

Mr Gormley said he wanted to remind people of how the postal ballot system worked.

"Saturday the 19th of March is polling day for our council and instead of coming to the ballot box on the day, residents need to mail their ballots back," Mr Gormley said.

Within the envelope are two ballot papers, one for your local division and one for the referendum on state government term lengths.

Division ballots can be numbered in sequence or you can just vote for your preferred candidate and leave the rest blank.

The referendum ballot is a tick box system and will also need to be filled out before placing both ballots into an envelope and mailed back before 6pm on the election date.

Upon receiving your ballot papers the best way to mail them back is if you fold them before putting them back into the envelope.

The ballots were posted out on February 26 so if you don't have them yet it would be worth going down to your closest council office.

More information

Voting is compulsory in Queensland and failure to do so may result in a fine.

For more information on the Electoral Commission Queensland, phone

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