GONE TOO SOON: Lochlan loved animals.
GONE TOO SOON: Lochlan loved animals. Renae Cresswell

Be safe, as every life is precious

ANY tragedy is hard to come to terms with, but a death within a family so much like your own brings the pain close to home.

Our thoughts and prayers were with the Cresswell family - and continue to be - when we received news of Lochlan's passing from a car crash on the D'Aguilar Highway near Nanango last week.

Barely 19, he was gone too soon and with a brother of a similar age of my own I can only begin to understand Renae and Alysse Cresswell's journey this past week as they treasured the precious memories and moments they shared with her younger brother.

We all have a brother, son, daughter, parent, sister or friend we could not imagine life without.

Every life is precious, so take every moment you can to spend with your family members and close friends.

Be intentional with the time you spend with these loved ones and create lasting memories.

This week marks the beginning of Rural Road Safety Week, a campaign to spread awareness of key road safety risks unique to regional roads.

Two-thirds of road deaths across the nation occur on regional roads and the Australian Road Safety Foundation is calling on all rural road users to drive carefully and safely.

With so many risk factors on the roads and many out of our control, we can all do our bit to make the roads a little safer.

This could be taking regular breaks while driving, being alert for wildlife or livestock or slowing down when conditions change.

Every life is precious in your car and the ones on the road beside you, so drive carefully and safely and arrive at your next destination, ready to make more lasting memories with your loved ones.

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