Block of land is still needed for raceway

DESPITE a recent tour of the South Burnett, Triple R Motorsport president Russell Carswell is no closer to finding a suitable location to build a raceway complex.

Mr Carswell met with real estate agents and members of South Burnett Regional Council on Friday, March 16.

He looked at four properties in the Brooklands and Maidenwell areas but none were appropriate.

"We looked at a couple of properties but there are too many houses nearby, plus there are issues with road access," Mr Carswell said.

One of the properties was far enough from homes to satisfy noise restrictions but backed onto a creek.

Mr Carswell said this block wouldn't be approved by the environmental regulators fearing a potential contamination of the water course from accidental oil and fuel spills.

"The council doesn't want to start with problems and it's just a matter of still trying to find land," he said.

"There's land out there but you've got to respect the council's vision on everything.

"You don't want to build it and the next minute there's a house built next to it and they're going to complain. It kills the whole thing."

While the restrictions are tight, Mr Carswell reckons South Burnett Regional Council has bent over backwards to find some land.

"I've got to give Mayor Keith Campbell 100 per cent, he's trying everything he can to get us here," he said.

"The ideal block would beflat and square and backing onto forestry, that way you don't have any neighbours."

It also needs good access to roads along with town water and a three-phase power supply.

If he can find land Mr Carswell believes the raceway will be a success.

"Every raceway in thestate is prospering," hesaid.

If you know of a suitable block phone Mr Carswell on 0430882611.

South Burnett

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