Blue Card cancellation overturned for convicted stalker

A STALKER, arsonist and computer hacker has succeeded in overturning a Blue Card cancellation order so he can volunteer at a Christian program for boys.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People feared Ipswich man Jonathan Llywelyn Bruce McAlister would be an inappropriate role model for children after learning about the convictions.

But McAlister went to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to fight the Blue Card cancellation, arguing the offences were not against children, his actions were out of character and he had since undergone counselling to help deal with stressful situations in the future.

The Boy's Brigade personnel told QCAT that McAlister was a good leader with the boys, he would resolve issues if something needed to be sorted, he never lost control while volunteering and his behaviour was always appropriate there.

McAlister was sentenced in September, 2012, to two years in jail but was released immediately on parole because he had already served more than 200 days in custody.

The court heard he would creep into his former girlfriend's room while she slept, sometimes laying next to her, and flee if she woke.

Scared and seeking solace, the 22-year-old woman, who met McAlister at St Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Ipswich, approached him for help.

He put a chain lock on her door and had a deadlock installed.

She did not know McAlister was the very person she was trying to keep out.

He also used combinations of her favourite words and numbers to break into her Facebook account to check on her.

McAlister used the information to find out her movements and set fire to the Auchenflower home of a man he believed his former girlfriend was seeing.

Two days later he threw three Molotov cocktails at the house, but the wind blew out the flame before they could explode.

McAlister claimed he was in an emotinally abusive relationship and did not know how to deal with his emotional instability.

QCAT member Ron Joachim said the protective factors outweighed the risk factors.

"I accept that Jonathan works well with chlidren and has always behaved responsibly around children," he said.

"I consider that Jonathan's earlier voluntary withdrawl from the Boy's Brigade a significant event demonstrating an awareness of his emotional instabliity at that time and his not wanting to impact on the boys under his supervisions and guidance.

"I am satisfied the applicant poses no real risk to children."

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