MAL Clarke did not feel too bad after he saw his team, South Burnett White, lose its Toowoomba Rugby League under-18 opener.

The Whites fell to the South Burnett Blues 40-26 at Cherbourg on Saturday.

Clarke warned the Toowoomba teams of the danger the South Burnett Blues, made up of players from Cherbourg and Murgon, posed on the field.

"Cherbourg (South Burnett Blue) will definitely be a big shock for the Toowoomba teams," Clarke said.

Clarke said the flair the Blues showcased at Jack O'Chin using the likes of chip kicks made them unpredictable and difficult to defend against.

Blues coach Errol Simpson said his team came together well in the first half.

"(In the) first half we struck a lot of combinations," Simpson said.

"I was pleased with the football.

"We can score from pretty much anywhere in the field."

Simpson said this natural attacking style of rugby league came from the years his team had played together.

He said most had played together at club and school levels so they all gelled well on Saturday.

Simpson said he expected more of the same ahead of this Saturday's game against Pittsworth.

"We're looking forward to playing Toowoomba, that will bring our footy up," he said.

Simpson said the Blues needed to work on their defence to ensure it remained strong for the entirety of the match.

"In the second half we probably were lacking in a bit of defence; the heat got to us a bit," he said.

Ahead of the Whites' game against Souths on Saturday, Clarke said his team also needed to pick up its defence.

But with a pre-season victory against the Caloundra Sharks a fortnight ago, it proved the Whites had the ability to stun bigger opponents.

"We stack up against bigger teams," Clarke said.

One of the biggest downfalls Clarke noticed on the pitch on Saturday was the lack of connectivity.

"We had eight boys who had probably never played together," he said.

"We just need to get a bit more continuity between players.

"We will definitely not play that bad again."

The South Burnett Whites will play Souths at TJ O'Neill Oval in Kingaroy on Saturday at 10.30am. South Burnett Blues will play Pittsworth at Wondai on Saturday at 10.30am.


South Burnett Blues 40

>> Buddy Stanley: one try

>> Errol Simpson: one try

>> Peter Langton: one try

>> Ralph Gyemore: one try, six goals

>> Elwin Fewguandie: three tries

South Burnett White 26

>> Kirby Rubesaame: one try, three goals

>> James Christensen: two tries

>> Jayce Allery: one try   

A-grade Cherbourg v Wondai game

THE final 86-0 score to Cherbourg could be put down to destiny.

Alex Speedy, born in 1986, celebrated his birthday by scoring the final try but missed the conversion to wrap the game up on 86.

But Cherbourg coach Frank Malone said there was a lot more to it than destiny.

"What we first talked about we set a goal: (Wondai) were not allowed to score more than 16 points," Malone said.

This plan fell into action as Cherbourg tightened its line defence to form an impenetrable wall last year's grand finalists could not get through.

On the opposite end of play Cherbourg proved devastating in attack as it capitalised on most sets.

"We could have scored a century but they ended up calling the game 10 minutes early," Malone said.

"To (Wondai's) credit they kept playing and kept their heads up."

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