Boy, 8, awarded $6K after bizarre IS accusation

AN eight-year-old boy was awarded $A6300 after being accused by his schoolteacher of supporting the Islamic State terrorist group.

The young boy wore a T-shirt to class with a slogan saying "I want to be like Abu Bakr al-Siddique", who is a prominent figure in Islam.

But his teachers assumed the fandom was directed at Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the brutal leader of the militant terrorist organisation, and reported the child to social services, The Sun reports.

The boy was then questioned by social workers, who his mother said recorded a warning against him.

She said social services had spoken to the boy about deradicalisation.

The wrongfully accused terrorist sympathiser, who is now 11, is said to have been upset by the incident and is now too afraid to speak up at school.

The payout was made by a council in East London for breaching the 1988 Human Rights Act.

The borough declined the The Sun's request for comment citing confidentiality.

Earlier this week, an Islamic State terrorist who helped execute one of the worst terror attacks in French history was been awarded compensation in jail due to a breach of his privacy.

Belgian-born Salah Abdeslam, 29, was awarded 500 euros ($A800) in compensation after the level of surveillance he was under in jail was deemed illegal.

Leader of the political party France Arise N. Dupont-Aignan described the decision as "shameful".

Believed to be the sole survivor of the group that carried out a series of attacks in Paris in November 2015, Abdeslam has been in the Fleury-Mérogis prison - where he was under 24-hour CCTV surveillance - since April 2016.

But according to a new book, Le Journal de Frank Berton, written by L'Obs magazine journalist Elsa Vigoroux, a court in Versailles deemed that level of surveillance illegal and he was awarded compensation.

His lawyer, Frank Berton, challenged the level of surveillance, saying it violated the constitution that preserves the right to privacy.

Mr Berton argued the system reflected "a serious lack of knowledge of the right to respect for private life", deeming it an "attack on individual freedom".

After winning the case, Mr Berton was asked to provide Abdeslam's bank details, but it's understood the prisoner has not touched the cash.

Abdeslam was linked to a group of IS suicide bombers that targeted the Bataclan theatre during a rock concert, the exterior of the Stade de France sports arena in 2015 and random cafes and restaurants.

It is regarded as the worst terror attack on French soil since World War II, leaving 130 people dead and more than 410 others wounded.

Abdeslam had already received a 20-year prison sentence in Belgium for taking part in a shootout with police in Brussels in 2016.

His brother, Brahim Abdeslam, was also involved in the attack and died while setting off a bomb in a cafe.

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