Activists at Abbot Point coal terminal
Activists at Abbot Point coal terminal

Two activists in custody after closing Adani rail line

UPDATE: Queensland Police have confirmed two women, Eleanor Haas and Gali Schell, have been taken into custody and will be held in the Bowen watch house. 

A spokeswoman from Frontline Action on Coal told the The Morning Bulletin future demonstrations will continue.

Charges are unknown at this stage but last year, an Extinction Rebellion activist was ordered to pay $61k after attempting to block a train in Brisbane.

UPDATE: One person has been removed from the rail line and taken into police custody but another remains attached to the infrastructure. 

Frontline Action on Coal spokeswoman Amy Booth said the pair were connected to the rail by a drum filled with concrete. 

Ms Booth said the pair were "emotional and impassioned" by the current bushfire crisis in the south of the country and were not worried about charges or financial penalties.     

An Abbot Point Operations Spokeswoman described this morning's demonstration as "dangerous" and " a waste of police resources".

 "The protesters are once again using a 'sleeping dragon' device, which involves their arms being locked in an old barrel filled with concrete and other materials making it dangerous for both police and the protesters during the removal process," she said. 

"Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, but we encourage people to do so safely, legally and without putting people in harm's way."

UPDATE: The activist are being cut from the rail line at Abbot Point. 

Bystanding Frontline Action on Coal members have been moved away from the pair on the rail line as authorities work to remove them. 

Police said trains will be stopped on the rail until the pair are removed.

Adani Australia is expected to comment on the incident shortly.  

INITIAL: Coal trains have been blocked by anti-Adani activist group Frontline Action on Coal at the Abbot Point coal terminal.

The group has said it is in response to catastrophic fires ravaging the country.

In photographs released by the group, two activists protest appear to have staged a sit down in the on the rail line into the Abbot Point coal terminal in Bowen, blocking both coal trains as well as workers entering the facility.

Eleanor Haas and Gali Schell were named by the group as the two activists responsible.

The pair are holding a banner that reads: "Aus is burning. Coal is fuelling the fire. Ausgov + Adani = arsonists".

Activists at Abbot Point coal terminal
Activists at Abbot Point coal terminal

"Over 12 million acres have been devastated by fire throughout Australia. If you are looking for someone to blame, point your fingers at the Australian government and Adani," Schell said.

A spokesman from Queensland Police said police have been on the scene since 4am.

He confirmed the railway has been closed as the pair are fixed to it and both activists and police remain on scene.

The spokesman said the pair are fixed together and locked onto the rail using a barrel.

Adani Australia has been approached for comment.

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