FUNDRAISER: Galah - One of the photos on offer at the Brushes and Flashes exhibition.
FUNDRAISER: Galah - One of the photos on offer at the Brushes and Flashes exhibition. Judy Forster

Brushes and Flashes fundraising auction

IF YOU want to pick up a bargain and support local artists drop by the Brushes and Flashes cent auction.

It will be held at Nanango's Taras Hall next to the RSL on March 4 starting at 1pm.

The auction is being run by The Arts Scene, an artist-run gallery in Drayton St.

The money raised will go to supporting their travelling exhibition, Brushes and Flashes, which is currently touring Queensland.

Megan Cridland is one of the artists involved in the show.

She said the auction would provide much-needed funding.

"If we could raise $1000 that would be nice,” Ms Cridland said.

"We need the money to help with travelling and to pay for the galleries.”

A cent auction is a simple affair.

The prizes are laid out, participants then buy tickets and place them in the boxes in front of the prizes they want.

The auctioneer then walks around the room and draws one ticket from each box to determine who gets the prize.

The Brushes and Flashes exhibition is at the Warwick Regional Art Gallery at the moment.

It will stay there until February 26 before moving onto Rockhampton for an opening on April 1.

The aim of the show is to promote South Burnett artists to a wider audience

"We've had really good feedback, when it was at Dalby we sold some art works, I think either four or five pieces along with some cards,” Ms Cridland said.

Some the artists on show include Anthony Donas who paints traditional indigenous work and Lyn Felsman who draws with pastels and paints in oil.

"She does beautiful work,” Ms Cridland said.

"Paul Craddock is a wildlife artist who also paints local scenes and he's turned some of his works into prints.

"Judy Forster is a photographer and she mainly photographs birds and scenes of sunsets, trees, flowers.

"Jan Woods and Barbara Larsen do contemporary, traditional acrylic painting and Danielle Lawrence makes lovely mosaics and she does pastels as well.

"We've sold a couple of hers.”

The Arts Scene moved in the old Wayne's World building last year and Ms Cridland said it had been a great venue for local practitioners to sell their work.

"We get the tourist trade on the Saturday and Sunday and on an average for the month we'd sell about $1500 worth of artwork,” she said.

"It is one of the only independent, artist-run galleries in the South Burnett.

"Wayne, (from Wayne's World) was really good, he was just happy support us and rents the building at very minimal cost.”

For more information on the event phone 0402464997.

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