The NBN is still be rolled out around the South Burnett.
The NBN is still be rolled out around the South Burnett. Tobi Loftus

Burnett speeds are only 5mb/s

SOUTH Burnett residents have a median internet speed of only five megabits a second.

The data was released by data crowd sourcing organisation Streetspeed.

Founder David Wiseman said about 20 premises in the South Burnett had already tested their speeds on the service.

He said speeds of 5mb/s were not fast enough to enter the digital economy.

"It depends on your situation at home from a residential perspective, for instance a couple just accessing email could just get by with 5mb/s,” Mr Wiseman said.

"With the digital economy, literally everything is moving to digital, bills come as PDFs, there are always downloads to be done.

"If you are running a business, wanting to put video clips on your website, it's a slow old game running your business on that sort of speed.

"So is 5mb/s really enough get into the digital economy, I'd say no.”

Mr Wiseman said the majority of South Burnett responders were on an ADSL service.

"For a predominantly ADSL services that's about right in terms of speed,” he said.

"Within the sample of 20 users you can see the dilemma for some people.

"Some users are on 0.5mb/s and barely getting anything.

"A couple of reports from the fixed wireless services show they were getting somewhere around 35 to 40mb/s.

"Even within that small sample there is quite a range there.”

Mr Wiseman said that was where the whole digital divide came in.

"The divide comes from whether you access that digital economy or not,” Mr Wiseman.

"One report Streetspeed received in the South Burnett was from a commercial premise.

"They said they were trying to run a business online but their speed was somewhere around 1 or 2mb/s.

"It's very hard to run a business on that speed.”

Streetspeed is capturing data on South Burnett internet speeds for the South Burnett Regional Council and South Burnett Directions.

The council said by capturing the data, it would be able to continue to make quality submissions and lobby for better connectivity for the South Burnett.

Mr Wiseman launched Streetspeed after he saw his Brisbane internet speed drop below 1mb/s.

"This information should be out there and easily accessible,” he said.

To log your internet speed with Streetspeed visit

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