Shannus and Evelyn O'Sullivan at Wondai Art Gallery.
Shannus and Evelyn O'Sullivan at Wondai Art Gallery.

Bush poet art for kids

HIVESVILLE artist Shannus O'Sullivan has donated $300 to the Wondai Art Gallery to reintroduce children to traditional Australian poets.

Mr O'Sullivan's donation will sponsor an art prize for school children.

The art prizes will be awarded to children who enter their artworks in the Wondai art gallery competition.

"I'm hoping to reintroduce children to the old great Australian poets,” Mr O'Sullivan said.

"This type of poetry seems to have been lost. I don't even know if they learn about them at school any more these days.

"I really want to encourage children to learn about these poets and make their artworks about them and their poetry too.”

The children's paintings will also be based off of Australian poets or their poetry.

These poets include Henry Lawson, Banjo Patterson, Dorothea Mackella and others.

"I've had an abiding interest in these Australian Bush poets my whole life,” Mr O'Sullivan.

"They're really good poems.

"I'd say they're even a bit humorous.”

Shannus O'Sullivan recently had his own exhibition at the Wondai Art Gallery.

He hopes his donation will encourage children to enter their artworks too.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what is entered,” Mr O'Sullivan said.

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