Camp cooking: anything but boring pasta

This recipe is easy, too easy, even when you’ve spent a few hours ‘catching up’ on the day with mates like Gleno and Kenno who like to share catch ups with plenty of beers.
This recipe is easy, too easy, even when you’ve spent a few hours ‘catching up’ on the day with mates like Gleno and Kenno who like to share catch ups with plenty of beers. Anthony Warry

Boerwwors - big sausage huh? Yep, first time I saw one of these babies I figured the Handbrake was trying to tell me something, like we had some South Africans moving into the farm next door maybe.

Boerewors is about as Yarpy as it gets, and it's total flavour too, from a people who know a lot about meat!

'Boer' is a farmer and 'wors' is a sausage, so the name's not really that much of a mystery. Must admit the first time I heard it I figured it had something to do with bad beer, but the first time I tried it was after plenty of good beers and it really is good. That was just grilled on a barbecue which is where you'll normally find this stuff, but hey, we don't do normal very well around here so....

You'd expect people in the home of the big cats to appreciate meat, so it's no surprise that Boerewors has to contain at least 90% meat and must always have some beef in it, as well as a mixture of lamb and pork. Compare that to some of the sausages 'factory made' by certain supermarkets and there's a reason why they don't give you a free broom and a pile of woodshavings with every kilo!

Plus, and I love this, Beorewors may not contain any 'mechanically recovered' meat, only the real thing. What's that mean? Well, let's not go grinding up offal and bones and hide and Uncle Garry and anything else that might be squeezed into a sausage OK? Just meat!

And a whole lot of spices too. Which is why this pasta dish tastes so fantastic - because the sausage itself is full of flavour. Give it a go. Depending on your butcher this can be one of the best meals you'll ever try!


  • Boerewors sausage (about a metre's worth!)
  • Tinned chopped tomatoes
  • Tomato paste
  • Soy or oyster sauce
  • Squirt of honey
  • Chilli flakes (if your name is Gleno...)
  • Pasta
  • Parmesan cheese


Easy, too easy, even when you've spent a few hours 'catching up' on the day with mates like Gleno and Kenno who like to share catch ups with plenty of beers.

Step one is to chop the sausage up into meatball sized lengths. In fact that's where I got the idea for this recipe, I was looking for some easy meatballs that would also be tasty. Then you cook up those meatballs in a pan or the cast iron pot on the fire, whatever's easiest.

I reckon Beorewors tastes better when it's well cooked so I gave it a fair old touch up in the cast iron pan when I cooked it for the lads.

Anthony Warry

At least you can't go wrong there, much. OK, so they were looking a tad black and crispy - tasted great!

The next steps soften them up anyway. Yep, in goes a big tin of chopped tomatoes and a can of tomato paste. The sausage pretty much carries all the flavour already, but I like to salt it up some more with oyster or soy sauce - both have their own distinctive flavours.

I've been known to chuck in some extra garlic about now, and a swig or two of chilli flakes mostly because Gleno will ask for them later anyway. Might as well get in first...

Then it's as simple as adding a squirt of honey - gotta sweeten it up a tad - and serving over some pasta. Naturally enough, a good shake of the old parmesan cheese helps out now too, but then our producer Mel reckons everything tastes better with parmesan and none of us argue with her. It hurts...

Go on, give this simple recipe a shake and you'll be glad you did!

Anthony Warry

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