Swimmers dive into the first swimming carnival Murgon has hosted in more than five years.Photo Keagan Elder / South Burnett Times
Swimmers dive into the first swimming carnival Murgon has hosted in more than five years.Photo Keagan Elder / South Burnett Times Keagan Elder

Murgon carnival makes a splash back into action

AFTER a break of more than five years the Murgon swimming pool held its first swimming carnival to show off the South Burnett's brightest swimmers.

Orca Swimming Club coach Laurie Hall said she hoped the ability to host carnivals once again would help swimming participation rates.

Hall said the carnival, which attracted 164 competitors from 21 clubs, gave her swimmers the extra motivation to perform well.

"In club nights they all have their pecking order," she said.

"They know I usually come second or first, so the extra competition has certainly helped."

As one of the organisers of the carnival, Hall rolled the dice to nominate its place in the carnival calendar.

"We had to lock it in a year in advance and we weren't sure we'd even have a pool," she said.

Luckily the Murgon Aquatic Centre opened on October 10, a month before the carnival.

The risk paid off for Hall who saw all of her swimmers swim personal bests and some win medals.

Riley Olsen, 15, from the Kilkivan Swimming Club, said there were advantages and disadvantages to training in the 25m pool.

With a sprinting start in the 200m freestyle, he was able to finish in second place after he slowed where he would normally make a turn.

Jinx gets broken

TIARNA Hurt, 12, from Kingaroy Swimming Club, broke her jinx after she won medals in the 50m and 100m freestyle.

"It's really good, I don't usually get medals or PBs," Tiarna said.

She swam personal best times in both events to finish in 32 seconds in the 50m and 1min 20sec in the 100m.Tiarna said she would use the results to keep a gauge on how she would fare in bigger carnivals such as in Chandler.

Kingaroy's Isaac Thompson, 8, also had success after he was doubtful of his 50/50 chance in the 50m butterfly.

But after a few seconds he left the water adorned with a gold medal.

A fresh viewpoint

THE Murgon swimming carnival gave Wondai coach Rachel Niemann the chance to note her team's progress after she took up the role at the start of this season.

With previous experience as a swimming instructor, Niemann was able to cross over some experience but said competitive swimming was a different ball game.

To keep her swimmers aged seven to 17 focused, Niemann devised methods to keep them motivated through play.

"I try to change the drills into games," Niemann said.

"It makes them (the Wondai swimmers) more competitive and motivated."

With the swimming season little more than a month on in, Niemann was excited to get a sense of how her team had progressed.

More time given

NANANGO Swimming Club's Daniel Reid, 17, also felt the brunt of the competition after he felt he was unable to match his previous performances.

After he broke his personal best in the freestyle and butterfly in Gympie, Daniel struggled to make any improvements.

"I guess the carnivals are quite close so there's not much time to improve," Daniel said.

Now Daniel has finished school he said he wanted to focus more effort on


Medal winners


>> James Hadley: 9 gold

>> Amanda Hadley: 1 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze

>> Brock Kingston: 1 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze

>> Annabelle West: 1 gold, 1 bronze

>> Naomi Sippel: 2 bronze

>> Jasmin Kemp: 1 bronze


>> Lachlan Hurt: 5 gold

>> Emma Cran: 3 silver, 2 bronze

>> Isaac Thompson: 1 gold, 1 bronze

>> Tiarna Hurt, 1 silver, 2 bronze

>> Paige Connelly: 1 silver


>> Daniel Reid: 5 gold

>> Zac Reid:1 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze


>> Chantelle Law: 3 silver, 2 bronze

>> Jeramiah Law:1 silver

>> Alicia Brunckhorst: 3 bronze

>> Zac Hetherington: 2 bronze

>> Ruby Law: 1 bronze  

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