CCTV footage at hotel captures kidnapping

FAMILY and friends held their heads in theirs hands and shut their eyes as the judge read out the harrowing kidnapping details.

On February 12, 2012, a man got out of his silver Audi in a quiet Brisbane street before two men grabbed him from behind.

The victim felt a hand over his mouth and had his hands and feet tied up together.

His attackers placed him in the boot of his own car and drove to Holland Park, where the attackers had rented out a motel room.

During Joshua Frederiksen's sentence for multiple offences, Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren told the Brisbane District Court that CCTV footage at the hotel captured Frederiksen taking the victim, with a pillow case over his head, into a room.

Once inside, Frederiksen demanded $30,000 from the victim.

The sum was eventually negotiated down to $10, 000, which the victim organised for a friend to put into a taxi.

The following day, Judge Horneman-Wren said, Frederiksen and his co-offender untied the rope binding the victim's limbs and pushed him out the door with three final words: "See you later".

The court heard the victim did not report the offence to police as he feared for his family.

Wearing a light green shirt, Frederiksen shook hands with friends sitting in the public gallery on Tuesday, while family members held one another's hands as the details of the second kidnapping offence unfolded.

Judge Horneman-Wren said two weeks after the first offence Frederiksen's co-accused sent the victim a text stating: "I know where you are don't make me come and get you".

The victim met Frederiksen at a Woolloongabba supermarket and asked the victim to drive to his home.

Inside the Morningside home, the court heard, Frederiksen tied his hands up with duck tape and put a pillow case over his head.

The co-accused asked the victim if he had said anything about the kidnapping as two police had come to his house.

The co-accused punched the victim more than 20 times and cut him across the cheek with a knife.

When the co-accused and Frederiksen went into the garage the next day, the victim managed to break the tape and fled out the back door.

Once in the street he screamed for help and said he had been tortured.

Neighbours called police and the offenders were later arrested.

Judge Horneman-Wren also sentenced Frederiksen for a string of break-and-enter offences relating to his role in stealing money from Brisbane nightclubs using keys and security codes.

Judge Horneman-Wren sentenced Frederiksen to seven years in jail with a parole release date in January, 2014.

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