The dog robotic ‘fitness ball’ you need to have

Keep your dog amused with these hi-tech options. Picture: Rob Williams.
Keep your dog amused with these hi-tech options. Picture: Rob Williams. Rob Williams

FORGET the ball and bone, gadgets for dogs and cats has gone hi-tech.

From robotic pet fitness balls to 'smart' Wi-Fi water bowls, these are the latest innovations in pet technology being unveiled at the world's largest tech show CES in Las Vegas this week.


Humans have Fitbit health trackers so why not get one for your furbaby?

That's exactly why Actijoy has developed an activity tracker and 'smart' Wi-Fi-enabled food and water bowls.

The small tracker fits on a collar and measures levels and intensity of activity and behavioural changes via an app.

The fitness tracker on the collars. Photo: Tanya Westthorp
The fitness tracker on the collars. Photo: Tanya Westthorp

Smart food and water bowls track how much the dog eats and drinks.

"Because it tracks changes in behaviour, you can spot any health problems from the beginning. It can prolong the life of a dog by two years," said a spokeswoman.

Pre-orders launch globally in June.

The three-piece kit costs $US250 or individual devices are $US89.

The Wi-Fi bowls. Photo: Tanya Westthorp
The Wi-Fi bowls. Photo: Tanya Westthorp


Watch, talk and play with your dog while you are at work with a cool robotic pet fitness puzzle by Easy Pet.

The company's pet innovation lab has created a world-first robotic ball which can be filled with biscuits and dispenses the treats when the dog plays with the ball.

It's like a Kong but hi-tech.

There's three chambers in the ball and pet owners can set a timer for when the treats can be dispensed.

The fitness ball and feeder. Photo: Tanya Westthorp
The fitness ball and feeder. Photo: Tanya Westthorp

But here's where it gets really cool.

Every time the ball rolls, that data is captured in an app.

Pet-parents can set 'minimum play' targets and can get notifications when the dog is playing with the ball or reaches its 'activity goal'.

The movement of the ball can be controlled remotely by the app and owners can take photos or chat with their dog via the microphone.

Easy Pets has also revealed a fully-automated pet feeder complete with weigh scale to measure calories. That data also goes into the app.

The makers are working with Amazon so a new food order is triggered when levels in the feeder get low.

The robotic ball costs $US199 and the feeder costs $US249.


Have a super playful cat?

Petronics has come to the rescue by creating Mousr - a robotic mouse that can sense touch and the environment around it and respond to all your cat's play needs.

There's two mice models: the 'flick tail' which has a catnip tail and zooms around the area prompting the cat to chase; and the 'bounce tail' which is for lazier cats who like to swat at things rather than chase.

And it can all be controlled via an app meaning you can sit on the couch and hit a button while the cat plays til its heart's content.

The Mousr costs US$149 and orders are expected to be available from April.

Tanya Westthorp travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of Samsung

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