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DIFFERENT TASTES: Would you try camel milk?
DIFFERENT TASTES: Would you try camel milk? Barclay White

THE milk that Deb Corbett puts in her coffee might look and taste almost like regular cow's milk, but it comes from an unexpected source.

The Coolabunia farmer has been drinking milk from her camels for the last few years and now wants others to give it a try.

She hasn't always been an advocate for camels, and only became interested in them by accident.

"We originally had camels at our property in Blackbutt to take care of our weeds," Mrs Corbett said.

"They really took care of our Patterson's Curse."

She quickly learned of the benefits of the camel's milk and began crafting cosmetics from it and selling it to people around Australia through her online store.

"We made milk lotion, soap and lip balms," she said.

Coolabunia farmer Deb Corbett has started selling camel milk.
Coolabunia farmer Deb Corbett has started selling camel milk. Barclay White

But it wasn't until she came across a local pasteuriser that she decided to sell their milk to consumers.

She said the milk had a similar taste to cow's milk and was a good substitute for people who might not be able to drink regular dairy.

"It's very good for people with diabetes, it's high in iron and in vitamin C," she said.

"I drink it all the time, it's a lot like ordinary milk.

"But maybe a little salty."

However, milking the camels can require a bit more patience than milking dairy cows.

"The camels can be very temperamental and it can be hard to get the milk.

"They are moody but there is an art to it."

Her camel milk, Camel Milk Australia can be ordered from TASTE South Burnett.

Camel facts

  • A camel's lifespan can reach to 50 years
  • Camel humps are filled with fat and help camels survive when food is scarce
  • Camels can run at speeds of 65km/h
A caravan of camels.
A caravan of camels. Barclay White

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