Child sex abuser 'corrupted girl's innocence'

GLENN Ivan Applebee used a threat to molest a child's younger sister so she would be compliant in his sexual abuse.

At the time the victim regularly stayed at Applebees' house.

On Tuesday, Kingaroy District Court heard this incident, which occurred in 2007, started a campaign to groom the child in an increasing range of sexual activities over a four-year period.

The 50-year-old Applebee's offending started with digital penetration and evolved into the girl performing oral sex on him, and taking photos of her genitals.

Shortly before the child's 13th birthday Applebee convinced her to have sex with him and this continued an average of three times a week for the next year.

Applebee convinced the child to sit on a floor mounted gear stick so that it penetrated her vagina.

It wasn't until the girl raised the matter with her mother that Child Services authorities were notified.

Applebee was charged with a slew of sexual offences including rape, indecent treatment of a child and producing child exploitation material in 2014.

He has maintained his innocence since but was found guilty on Tuesday after the trial in Kingaroy District Court.

Judge Gary Long said Applebee showed no remorse.

"You had so corrupted her innocence that she had accepted your behaviour as effectively normalised,” he said.

Applebee was sentenced to a total of 50 years jail for the various offences, to be served concurrently over 10 years, with no parole date.

Michael Nolan

South Burnett

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