Clarence Chatterbox
Clarence Chatterbox

CLARENCE CHATTERBOX: Time to organise amid the busyness

TIME management has become a key term in the past few years.

Why is it that suddenly, have we become so bad at it? Yes, we have jobs, yes, we have children and yes, the cost of living is higher in this day and age than what it was 10-20 years ago, but it is all relative to the time period.

The problem is we live in the age of distraction.

When I am sitting at this computer writing this article, the phone will ring, an email will drop into my inbox, I'll get a notification from Facebook or someone in the office will starts a conversation about who is the greatest Australian music artist of all time.

All of a sudden my train of thought is lost (Incidentally I voted Slim Dusty but was promptly shouted down).

We now go to courses and research online how to better manage our time. I tried this but ended up buying shoes on eBay. Distracted again.

We look to books for the answer, titles that include The 5am Miracle, Dominate your Day before breakfast. The only thing I dominate at that time of the day is the snooze button. Or the No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, The Ultimate No Holds Barred, Kickbutt, Take No Prisoners, Guide to Productivity and Sanity.

So, in order for this article to not only be cathartic for me and helpful for you I Googled time management hacks. Here is what I found.


Start the day on a positive note - Organise your outfit the night before to save time and stress the next day of co-ordinating an outfit, assuming coordinated outfits are your thing. Make your bed because the sense of pride will encourage you to do another and another. I make my bed so the dog can't get back in.


Take shortcuts - Finally my strong point. It is better to get something done than not getting it done at all. Perfectionism can destroy productivity. If sub-par is the new norm, I can finally say I am an overachiever.


Do one thing at a time - This is where us women struggle. It is expected that we can cook dinner, do the kids homework, clean the house, make lunches for the next day and set out a co-ordinated outfit for the next day if step one is to be believed. Sleep would be an unattainable activity if we couldn't do more than one thing at a time.


Learn to say no - It seems such a small word, but the ramifications are often huge.


Stop procrastinating - If it was a university degree I would have a masters in procrastination. I'll put my outfit out in the morning, I'll make the bed tonight before I get into it, I'll clean the house tomorrow and I'll get up early and make lunches. Next thing you know you are pressing the snooze button and all those time management skills you learnt have gone out the window.

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