Compassion is key to a medic's job

VARIED PROFESSION Matt Jeffreys has been a paramedic for three years.
VARIED PROFESSION Matt Jeffreys has been a paramedic for three years. Michael Nolan

THERE are few jobs as varied at that of paramedic, and Matt Jeffreys says compassion is the key to the job.

The Kingaroy paramedic lives this attitude during each shift.

Mr Jeffreys started with the Queensland Ambulance three years ago, after landing his placement in Townsville.

"I wanted the chance to help people,” Mr Jeffreys said.

"I thought about nursing, but I wanted to be outside and I liked the independence the job had.

"You go to some scenes and you're the only one there, so you've got to make all the decisions regarding how you treat them.”

The Kingaroy station operates a three-shift roster and on average each crew handles three to four jobs.

"The main call-outs are normally for the elderly people,” Mr Jeffreys said.

"Sometimes they've have falls and cardiac stuff is a big one these days.”

As Kingaroy is connected to two major highways, Mr Jeffreys gets called to a fair few road accidents.

When he arrives at a crash, Mr Jeffreys will take a moment to survey the site to get an idea of how the crash occurred.

"Then go to each patient, make sure you get the basics right, that they are breathing, their hearts going okay and there's no major blood loss,” he said.

Regarding patients' needs, Mr Jeffreys said it was important to treat them with respect.

"It's not all lights and sirens, you have to have that compassion to deal with people when they're sick,” he said.

"It might not be the biggest emergency in the world, but if they're worried enough to call you, you have to be able to understand what they're going through.”

Stations across the South Burnett will host open days this weekend to recognise Ambulance Week.

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