Silverton - Day 1
Silverton - Day 1

Construction plans grow for approved $120m Moura solar farm

THE CONSTRUCTION of a $120m solar farm at Moura is continuing as the developers lodge more plans for the project.

ESCO Solar Farm Pty Ltd have lodged plans with Banana Shire Council for a development permit to install an underground electrical cable connection.

The report, which was prepared by RPS, also requires approval from the State Assessment and Referral Agency and Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The 110MW solar farm itself was approved by the local council in April 2018.

The 203ha site is located 6.5km southwest of Banana and is on cattle grazing land.

The Moura Solar Farm will generate enough electricity to power more than 43,000 Australian homes.

The energy is to be fed into the National Electricity Market.

It was previously reported up to 150 jobs would be created in construction phase and two full-time jobs and six part-time operational jobs once completed.

The solar farm will be equipped with 330,000 solar panels on ground-mounted frames which slowly track the horizontal movement of the sun daily.

The latest development application seeks approval for an underground electrical cable to be installed from the solar farm at 17235 Dawson Hwy, Banana, to Powerlink's existing Moura substation on the Dawson Hwy, Kianga.

The application presents two route options of various properties the underground cable would travel through.

The properties include the solar farm land, Anglo Coal's Dawson Mine, the Moura rail line corridor, Dawson Hwy road reserve and the substation land.

All land owners have signed a consent form, attached with the application.

The cable will be laid inside a 600mm wide by 1400sqm to 3400sqm deep trench that will be backfilled once the cable is laid.

Engineering details of the proposed trenching have been attached with the application.

It is noted the cable would not impact any existing uses on the land.

The application is yet to be approved by council.



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