A Bundaberg man is calling for cyclists to be registered.
A Bundaberg man is calling for cyclists to be registered. Liana Turner

Could bike rego fund pathways?

WOULD you pay a fee to register your bicycle if it meant better infrastructure for bike riders?

That's the suggestion Bundaberg man Adrian Wone has made in an attempt to make cycling safer and encourage more people to opt for the manual mode of transport.

"Bikes are becoming more popular and if they need infrastructure like bike ways, the economy is stretched to the limit, so registering bikes might be the way to finance these things," he said.

Mr Wone said the proposal would also have the added benefits of improving our waistlines and the environment.

"If it's safer and convenient, more people will take it up, which will benefit the environment and people's health," he said.

"Even just $5 per bike just for new bikes sold, or maybe people would be happy to pay across the board, to get people out there safely.

"It would take a few cars off the road too."

At 73 years of age, Mr Wone doesn't get on his bike as much as he'd like to these days, but for many years cycling was his main method of getting to and from work.

He knows first hand the near-crashes riders experience on a daily basis and understands that unfortunately drivers attention isn't always completely on the road, which can be fatal for cyclists.

Mr Wone would also like to see cyclists fit rear vision mirrors to their bikes, to better protect themselves.

"I've done a lot of bike riding in my time and cars coming up behind you can catch you by surprise," he said.

"If you have rear vision mirrors there's less chance of being hit from behind."

"It's a simple thing, but riders can check what's coming up from behind."

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