Could Terrence Malone's death in jail been prevented?

JUST days after having his parole revoked in Toowoomba, Terrence Michael Malone was dead in a Brisbane jail cell.

Mr Malone was admitted to the Brisbane Correctional Centre in Wacol on November 8, 2014 without being assessed by a mental health expert despite a history of suicidal thoughts. He suicided in jail soon after.

A coronial inquest examining into Mr Malone's death heard the prison nurse who assessed him was not told the police watch house had him on close watch because of the severity of his alcohol withdrawals.

The inquest is examining the circumstances around Mr Malone's death and how it could have been prevented.

Gubir Singh told the inquest had he known about the watch house's concerns he would have had a psychiatrist assess Mr Malone "as a matter of priority".

A watch house intake form said although Mr Malone was "low" suicide risk it noted he had previously seen mental health services with "suicidal ideations".

Mr Singh said this was information he was not able to access.

The court heard a watch house nurse believed Mr Malone was in the early stages of "acute alcohol withdrawals" the day before he was sent to jail.

But Mr Singh said he rated Mr Malone's withdrawal state as "low". He told the court this may have been due to medication given at the watch house.

The watch house medical notes did not say when this medication was given to Mr Malone.

Mr Singh told the inquest he could not recall if he had asked Mr Malone when he had last been administered the medication.

But Mr Singh agreed knowing when that was administered was important in understanding how severe Mr Malone's withdrawals were.

Mr Singh said he had not been told about how severe the watch house considered Mr Malone's withdrawals. He told the court it was not normal practice for prison nurses to contact watch house medical staff about prisoners being transferred.

The inquest continues.

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