HERE'S THE PLAN: Draft concept for the Kingaroy Revitalisation Project.

REVEALED: Council's vision for future of Kingaroy CBD

South Burnett

WHEN the Kingaroy Revitalisation Project is finished the CBD will have more greenery, extra parking and less pig trucks.

These are some of the aims highlighted when the South Burnett Regional Council revealed its draft plan at a series of meetings on Thursday, March 22.

High on the list of the priorities was a 70-space car park behind Haly St.

One of the concepts for a community space to be built over Glendon St
One of the concepts for a community space to be built over Glendon St

Drivers could access this car park from George and King Sts with a pedestrian walkway connecting to Haly St through a vacant block of land the council owns.

Secondly, Glendon St could be cut to form two cul-de-sacs connected via a one-way street running through the Glendon St car park.

A new green space will extend from the Town Hall forecourt through to the Glendon St car park.

The draft plans include rows of trees running down median strips on Haly, Kingaroy and Alford Sts along with raised pedestrian crossings.

The council has pencilled new crossings out the front of the old Magpies Pies Shop and Lucky Charm Newsagent on Haly St, in front of the RSL.

While this will make the street easier for shoppers to walk between businesses it will have the dual effect of encouraging pig trucks to avoid the CBD.

The preferred route will see heavy vehicles travel along King St and the council has longer term plans to improve the intersection Youngman St to make it safer for trucks to turn without slowing traffic.

One of the concepts for a community space to be built over Glendon St
One of the concepts for a community space to be built over Glendon St

The revitalisation project will concentrate on the CBD first with a parallel project to improve the town entrances on the D'Aguilar and Bunya Highways.

In terms of staging, the council wants to focus on Alford St first as it requires less input from other government. Haly, Youngman and Kingaroy St are all state government roads falling under the control of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The council stressed this was the first of a series of consultations and the project was far from finalised.

Who will pay for the streetscape?

WITH the Kingaroy Revitalisation Project estimated to cost between $15-20 million the South Burnett Regional Council will need help from the higher levels of government to pay the bills. 

It currently has about $3 million set aside but it will rely on grants from the state and federal governments before any work starts.   

It currently has an application in with the federal government's Building Better Regions fund.  

The council will find out if it is successful in late April.   

"The intention is not for this to totally come from the rate payer," Mayor Keith Campbell said.   

"We're looking for dollar for dollar funding."

One of the concepts for a community space to built over Glendon St.
One of the concepts for a community space to built over Glendon St.

Part of the reason Haly, Youngman and Kingaroy Sts are unlikely to be included in the earlier stages of the development is they are managed by the state government's Department of Transport and Main Roads.   

Cr Campbell said he wanted to co-ordinate any improvement to these roads with the department's activities to save rate payers money and prevent working on the same roads twice.   

If council is unsuccessful in the April round of funding they will shelve the project until the next time the higher tiers of government call for "shovel-ready projects".  

"If we don't have a grant it will be parked but what we will have is a set of plans that have been agreed on by the community," Cr Campbell said.  

The council said it would work with shop owners to improve the signage and spruce up the main street.   

Some of the unused and dilapidated retail space will be demolished.  

Cr Campbell said he spoke to the owners of the decaying building opposite the Kingaroy RSL. 

  "I've spoke to the owners and it will happen after Easter," he said. 

  He said timing was uncertain at this stage.  

"I don't know if that will happen in one month or two months or three," Cr Campbell said.